the town hall of l’Haÿ-les-Roses under high protection. Mayor Vincent Jeanbrun explains

the town hall of l’Haÿ-les-Roses under high protection. Mayor Vincent Jeanbrun explains
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This Friday, the mayor of Haÿ-les-Roses, Vincent Jeanbrun decided to protect his town hall against rioters with barbed wire. The mayor is now asking for the establishment of a state of emergency to stem the phenomenon of insurrection. He fears an escalation of violence in the coming days.

Facing the violence of the rioters. This is the objective of Vincent Jeanbrun, LR mayor of Haÿ-les-Roses in Val-de-. The city councilor decided on Friday to protect the building which houses the town hall with barbed wire. Since Tuesday and the first riots after the death of Nahel, his city has been affected by destruction, especially in the city center. Faced with this situation, he calls for the use of a state of emergency. For the next few days, he fears an even greater development of violence. Interview.

Vincent Jeanbrun: From the first night, the town hall was targeted by mortar fire and Molotov cocktails. Part of the reception has been degraded. Windows were broken, and nothing prevented them from entering the building. Nothing except the seven municipal police officers present on the spot. They were able to hold them off. At the end of this night, we called upon the city’s technical services to find solutions.

We realized that the barriers in front of the building were fixed together and therefore easy to climb. So we installed these new barbed wire on Friday. This was effective because that night they were unable to target the building. They had come with important equipment including mattresses soaked in gasoline. Unfortunately, they attacked the market which is not functional this morning.

Yes, because the state of emergency would make it possible to resort to additional means in terms of maintaining order. First from a legal point of view, police custody and immediate appearance would be simplified. Second, it would increase law enforcement capabilities in terms of ammunition.

We lack them and we must requisition them. Finally, it authorizes the use of a curfew. This is essential so that people can be safe in their homes. This is already done locally by some mayors, but a national announcement would have a greater impact and would allow the information to be relayed to as many people as possible.

Of course, this would have no effect on the rioters who are already breaking the law. However, it would encourage people not to hang out in the streets and risk putting themselves in danger. The mix between passers-by and rioters is disturbing for the police and firefighters who find it more difficult to do their job properly.

Yes, we can fear that the insurrectional movement is building itself further. There is a form of professionalization among the rioters. Some use umbrellas to protect themselves from the projections of the police. Others protect themselves precisely with these umbrellas at the time of mortar fire to avoid flashbacks. The more their movement becomes professional, the more dangerous it will be because their targets can be more and more numerous.

Finally, I fear that the movement will shift over the day. The police and firefighters will not be able to hold out. Most are already sold out. We too, the elect, are tired. Some, like my colleague from Stéphanie Von Euw, are attacked because they are part of institutions, but above all they are attacks on humans.



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