Another busy weekend ahead for departures

Bison Futé has predicted difficult, even very difficult, traffic conditions in the direction of departures in France for this July 14 weekend.

Heavy traffic is expected for this national holiday weekend. In its latest forecast, Bison futé has predicted another busy weekend on the road to the holidays for the French, particularly in the direction of departures.

Hostilities will begin this Friday, July 12. Bison futé has predicted numerous traffic difficulties in the cities and their outskirts, but also on the roads leading to “holiday resorts.”

©Bison Futé

Bison futé estimated that traffic on the A62 and A63 motorways to the southwest, the A7 and A50 to the southeast, as well as the A13, A25 and A1 would be heavy. From early morning until late evening, the A6, A6B, A10 and A86, in the Paris region, will be very congested.

In terms of returns, all the lights will be green for this Friday.

A red day this Saturday

The situation is expected to become even more complicated on Saturday, July 13. Bison futé has predicted heavy traffic on the main roads from early morning.

©Bison Futé

“The A11, A10 (near Orléans) and A7 motorways will be particularly congested, and access to the Mont Blanc tunnel will be difficult,” the government body stated in its forecast report. The A6 and A13 motorways are also expected to experience complex traffic this Saturday in the direction of departures.

Just like this Friday, Saturday will be particularly calm in terms of returns.

Finally, to close the weekend, Bison futé has anticipated easier traffic this Sunday, July 14. Only the Rhône-Alpes and Ile-de-France regions have been placed on orange alert with numerous slowdowns expected, particularly on the A7.



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