Hunting is now banned in Besançon on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons

Hunting is now banned in Besançon on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons
Hunting is now banned in Besançon on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons

The city of Besançon was recently able to discuss with all the stakeholders the negotiation around hunting agreements in the forests that it manages. Hunting rights were reviewed on June 28 and there have been changes, particularly in the organization of hunting days.

Hunting prohibited on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons.

It was therefore at the end of last month that the agreements governing hunting rights in the Besançon forests were signed between the municipality and the ACCA of Besançon.

The new agreement provides for some restrictions on the practice of hunting on the lands concerned because we learn in the local media that from this year, hunting has been banned on Wednesday and Saturday afternoon, in addition to the usual days of prohibition.

It is actually even more restrictive than that if we refer to what the city of Besançon has published on its website because we learn there that big game drives are only authorized on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays until 1 p.m., on specific plots.

Likewise for hunting small game, this practice is authorized “Every day EXCEPT Wednesday all day, Friday all day, Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon”.

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The town hall also asked that hunters agree to have one full Sunday without hunting per month.

These new measures have been taken in collaboration with the hunters who clearly want to make a big effort to show that they do not want to monopolise the forest and are happy to let other nature users go into the forest on the requested days.

For other hunters, these measures, which constantly involve hunting bans, are a danger to hunting practices. They prefer that good understanding be established between users of nature and that hunters withdraw on the requested days without imposing a recurrence in the bans, which are already heavy.

Hunting prohibited and not only.

Hunting was therefore banned on several days of the week in Besançon, but other measures were also ratified in these new agreements.

It will now be forbidden to practice baiting wild boars, even if, in the event of a prefectural decree, the city will have no other choice but to allow hunters to practice this dissuasive baiting.

The convention also prohibits hunters from releasing pheasants. However, Besançon hunters are authorized to continue to develop the territory in order to improve the biotope to allow the development of a population of wild pheasants.



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