Makbeth Show The Comedy CDN of Reims Reims Wednesday April 2, 2025

Makbeth Show La Comédie CDN de Reims Reims, Wednesday April 2, 2025.

Spectacle Makbeth
The Comedy CDN of Reims 3 Chaussée Bocquaine Reims Marne

For all
ACCORDING TO William Shakespeare
A CREATION OF THE Munstrum Theater

The Munstrum Theatre makes Macbeth a grotesque mirror held up to a humanity at the end of its tether. Deploying a powerful visual and poetic universe, it invents a laughter that stands up to despair and cynicism.

Makbeth stages monsters in the midst of nocturnal chaos, prisoners of a bloody comedy of power that is running on empty. This adaptation of the darkest of Shakespearean plays chooses to create tension between major scenes of the text with visual and plastic inventions to create a total, raw and sensual spectacle, imbued with black humor. Sound universe, ambitious work of the mask and the body construct a visceral theatricality that seeks to awaken a twilight era.

MER. 02 avril 20H
THU. April 3, 8:00 p.m.

Comedy (Great Hall)
Bocquaine Road, Malraux Esplanade, Reims

All audiences from 15 years old

estimated 2h30

Crossed views, Thu. Apr. 3 at 7 p.m.,
with the artistic team and guest speaker 6 6 EUR.

Date (year – month – day) and time:
Start: 2025-04-02
fin : 2025-04-03

The Comedy CDN of Reims 3 Chaussée Bocquaine
Reims 51100 Marne Grand Est

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