Montbéliard opposition elected officials accuse M.-N. Biguinet of “a sad betrayal and a rallying to the National Rally”

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The opposition elected officials on the Municipal Council of the City of Montbéliard from the “Montbéliard en Commun” Group (Éric Lançon, Myriam Chiappa-Kiger, Bernard Lachambre, Sidonie Marchal, Alain Poncet) and the “Montbéliard au cœur” Group (Gilles Bornot and Eric Marcot), react following the results of the 2024 Legislative Elections (our information “2024 Legislative Elections, 3rd constituency of Doubs: the results of the 2nd round”):

« We have just experienced a somewhat surreal political sequence that led the new Popular Front to exercise national responsibilities. It was a nice surprise for us: we managed to bring the left together in a week and to conduct a 15-day express campaign. It was a terrible challenge, we took it up. The result of this second round is above all a relief, because the specter of an RN government has receded thanks to the mobilization of Democrats and Republicans.

In Montbéliard, the first round of these legislative elections placed us in the lead with 35.8% of the vote, 3.5 points ahead of the far-right union and more than 8 points ahead of the candidate of the presidential majority.

In the second round, the people of Montbéliard chose the Republican candidate by 62%. Despite the despair, the downgrading of our territory, the increase in precariousness, the difficulties in living, the people of Montbéliard did not choose demagogy unlike you, they demonstrated great responsibility.

We too, even if supporting Nicolas Pacquot in the second round was extremely unusual. We did it. This support was never a carte blanche for the policies pursued in recent years, but an unwavering commitment to block the far right. Everyone was able to gauge that the July 7 election was one that history could remember either for the entry of the far right into government, 84 years after 1940, or for a republican surge. One of those times that unite people who can politically oppose each other, or unite, as Aragon said in his famous poem The Rose and the Reseda, “those who believe in heaven and those who do not” around a foundation of common values.

In Montbéliard, we will remember your sad betrayal and your rallying to the National Rally. You supported the RN candidate but the people of Montbéliard did not follow you. For you and your team, it is a real disavowal. Of course, officially, Mrs. Biguinet, you played the silent card. It is true that celebrating June 18 and affirming your support for the RN candidate is a good case of schizophrenia. But some of your deputies did not have the slightest qualms. We would like to highlight the courage of Mrs. Priscilla Borgerhoff, who refused to support this candidate of indignity.

Your guilty silence and your compromise with the extreme right undermine the respect you owe to the people of Montbéliard. Aren’t you everyone’s mayor? You have broken the social and moral contract that the role of mayor imposes on you. Your position on the extreme right divides our city, which so badly needs solidarity and listening. Today we are taking note of this position, which unfortunately does not surprise us.« .

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