In Brest, Airbnb reservations triple for the Maritime Festival [Exclusif]

They should attract more than 700,000 visitors over a week. Many of whom are not necessarily from Brest or Finistère. The Maritime Festivals will also attract a wide audience. So many visitors who will therefore have to find… accommodation. And according to data from the Airbnb platform provided by Liwango and Likibu to Le Télégramme, the number of short-term rentals is exploding in Brest, but also in its metropolitan area. From the 11th (the day before the start of the Maritime Festivals) to the 17th of July 2024, reservations will triple compared to the same period last year.

Still 300 homes available

In Brest itself, in 2023, the number of reservations was 793. This year, it’s 2,964. These figures are probably even underestimated since they were stopped in mid-May. And on the Airbnb platform, new offers have continued to flourish in recent days. With, always, these hooks that are noticeably similar from one apartment to another: “Perfect for the Maritime Festivals”, “possible to get to the Maritime Festivals on foot” or “located at the port of Brest, in the heart of the Maritime Festivals”.

Partner of the Justuntoit concierge service, which was launched at the end of 2021 in Brest, Kévin Ménez adds, with figures to back it up on his screen: “The competition between properties has increased considerably compared to the last edition, in 2016 in particular. Here, we see that there are still more than 300 homes available in the Brest metropolitan area,” he points out, just a few days before the start of the Maritime Festival. During the year, the number of offers available exceeds a thousand properties.

In concrete terms, if nights are around €75 to €80 on the other days of July, they climb to more than €100 during the six days of the event. (Illustration photo Le Télégramme/Marie Sebire)

Prices are also increasing

Some properties, online for about ten days, are still available, for example. “Some are clearly abusing the prices,” emphasizes Kévin Ménez, whose concierge service manages more than 190 properties. “I prefer to be cheaper but to be certain of renting,” continues the expert on the Brest market. It must be said that the data from the Airbnb platform speaks for itself: compared to the beginning and end of July, the average price of nights booked during the Maritime Festival period is inflated by almost 30% (excluding cleaning fees, platform fees, taxes, etc.). In concrete terms, if nights are around €75 to €80 on the other days of July, they climb to more than €100 during the six days of the event.

An increase that is also seen when we take into consideration the share linked to cleaning costs, platform costs and taxes: when it amounts to €11 or €12 in normal times, their average from July 11 to 17 is precisely €19.68.

And the gap is even more striking when we look at Airbnb bookings for 2023: the increase in prices from one year to the next is around 60% since the average price of nights in Brest varied, at the same time last year, from €61 to €66.



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