The iconic festival launches its 40th edition

The iconic festival launches its 40th edition
The iconic festival launches its 40th edition

The Francofolies festival in La Rochelle is setting the tone for its 40th edition. First evening on the main stage and to blow out the candles, Eddy De Pretto, Sting, Etienne Daho, the list is long until this Sunday, July 14 and the event concert by Jean-Michel Jarre in the evening.

“I am happy to be in La Rochelle.” A warm entrance for Etienne Daho. And La Rochelle returns the favor. In the crowd, the audience is in their fifties, those lulled by the songs in the 80s and 90s.

Very quickly, Etienne Daho tells us who he owes being here, on stage tonight. Elie and Jacno who encouraged him, and all those wonderful encounters, Gainsbourg, Jane Birkin, and Françoise Hardy who passed away recently. A whole series of encouragements from artists who pushed him.

Etienne Daho and his musicians on the Francofolies stage on Wednesday July 10, 2024.


And precisely, the whole register of these beautiful years is there. Falling for France, Shoulder Tatto, Duel in the Sun that sets the crowd ablaze, or Saudade. La Notte, la Notte, a big hit with festival-goers. They know them by heart. Phones in hand, Etienne Daho certainly filled up the networks this Wednesday evening from the big stage and in front of 12,000 people.

“He hasn’t changed” said a woman in the crowd with a big smile. No, Daho hasn’t changed. He always warmly thanks his audience, greets and pays tribute to his musicians. Yes, he is happy to be there as he said at the outset.

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Etienne Daho and his fans in front of the Grande Scène des Francofolies, a whole repertoire on the lips of all festival-goers

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Eddy De Pretto and the Franco crowd.


Happiness at Daho, love, lots of love for De Pretto. Right from the start, he offers “A time where we will try to put the hassles and worries aside, does that sound good to you? Answer unanimous from the public”Ok, then here we go” here we go.

Eddy De Pretto occupies the entire stage with his presence.


Love, the famous love and tenderness, which he proclaims in front of the crowd, feelings, the fan of the French language unfolds his texts. With his look identical to the first day as he points out on stage and his grand gestures, he signs the stage with his presence. And especially his smile addressed to everyone.

Eternal energy on stage for the British singer who named this exceptional concert “My songs”. He begins the festival tour.

Sting on stage for the 40th edition of the Francofolies.


Sting, on stage, eagerly awaited to close this first evening of the Franofolies


A festival “iconic”, It’s Charlotte Cardin, 29, who says it. A beautiful tribute from a singer with Quebec accents on stage in La Rochelle, a nod to history for the 40th anniversary of the Francofolies. The artist opened the ball for this opening night on the big Jean-Louis Foulquier stage.

Canadian singer on the big Jean-Louis Foulquier stage for the opening night of the Francofolies “an iconic festival” for the artist


So many amazing artists performed here in the last 40 years it’s an honor to be here for opening night.

Charlotte Cardin

A singer

The Francos one of the “highlights” of summer, assures Charlotte Cardin. We readily believe her.

VIDEO. Charlotte Cardin, interviewed by Isabelle Hirsch at the Franocolies.

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The Quebec singer at the Francofolies was eager to come.

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Les Francofolies until Sunday July 14, the program is here.



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