In Bandol, two Varois launch a brand of t-shirts and set up shop on the port

In Bandol, two Varois launch a brand of t-shirts and set up shop on the port
In Bandol, two Varois launch a brand of t-shirts and set up shop on the port

To go from one village to another. This is the definition you will find by opening a Provençal dictionary and looking up the term “vilandria”. Vilandria is also the name chosen by Jules Mauduit and Charles Laure for their brand.

And that’s good because the two young men want to showcase their Provence: “We are in love with Provence. I am from Bandol and Jules from Sanary”, begins Charles, a business school student.

For both friends, “It all started with a thrill: at the beginning, we had lots of ideas in mind, we said to ourselves that we were going to make bags, then in the end we launched and released our first collection of T-shirts.”

Drawings that tell the story of the territory

On their “Mediterranean”, we find different objects characteristic of the Pagnol region: “We wrote about the sun, wine, love. Next to it, we have illustrations with a bottle of Bandol, glasses, a newspaper, a swimsuit…”lists Jules, who works in public administration.

The duo made a limited edition of this outfit for a very well-known place in Bandol, the Poupoune bar: “It was not chosen at random, it is a reference here, one of the oldest bars in the city and it has always kept the same name.”

A tribute paid by the establishment. All employees are in fact dressed in Vilandria equipment: “The boss bought 45 for all the staff. That gives us great visibility.”

“Attracting other customers”

With Vilandria, Jules Mauduit and Charles Laure want to pay homage to their native Provence. Photo by Valerie Le Parc.

After this launch and the first positive feedback, Jules and Charles took part in the game and an opportunity came along that turned everything upside down: “We were offered to open a shop on the port. We thought about it a bit and went for it.”says the latter.

Coincidence or a sign of destiny, the sign is located a few meters from the Poupoune: “With this store, we want to attract another clientele. The location is ideal, it will allow us to favor local rather than online sales.”

As you will have understood, the territory occupies a more than important place for the two young people.

After their first T-shirt, a brand new one, called the “San Nari”, was born: “It represents the Sanary market which was named the most beautiful market in France. We chose this name because it is the name of the town in Provençal a few centuries ago.”

Not a Native 2.0

Obviously, when we talk about a clothing brand in our region today, we immediately think of the Natif phenomenon.

Charles and Jules are aware of this but assure that they are different: “We have different designs and especially Natif, it’s focused on the South but the designs don’t represent a region and don’t make you travel. Our T-shirts are really focused on that, we don’t want it to be a T-shirt that’s made for tourists but that people recognize and say “I’m from here too.”

To perfect their future collections, the two designers are already full of ideas: “We have already sent our designer some ideas for clothes on Bandol, Saint-Cyr, La Cadière with vines.”

And the adventure is only just beginning. The duo is organizing this Thursday evening what is called in Provençal a dubertura. Translated as an inauguration. And it starts at 8:30 p.m.

Vilandria, 3 quai De-Gaulle, Bandol.

Instagram: @vilandriafr

Unisex T-shirt, size S to L, sold at the price of 35 euros.



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