Saint-Pierre-Quiberon will recruit a person to monitor large-scale projects

The Saint-Pierre-Quiberon municipal council met on Tuesday, July 9. In addition to the creation of the mooring and light equipment zone (ZMEL), the elected officials had to decide on the recruitment of a project manager and on the renewal of the territorial educational project.

The town hall must manage the moorings

The vote on the agreement between the municipality of Saint-Pierre-Quiberon and the State for the development and organization of a zone of moorings and light equipment (zmel) has once again given rise to discussions. The agreement concerns the occupation of thirteen zones of the maritime public domain, for the installation of 264 moorings in Saint-Pierre-Quiberon and 109 moorings in Quiberon. While Christophe Le Doyen expressed his reservations, the mayor, Stéphanie Doyen, returned to the reasons for this agreement.

Anchorages off Fozo are affected by the zmel.

“State services consider that they no longer have the role of managing the anchorage areas and they are unfortunately withdrawing from the communities,” she explained. “They asked us to take over management of the anchorages on the peninsula, which does not suit us. This requires us to send an agent and results in a significant workload.” Maxime Le Padellec, deputy, then presented the rates that will be applied within the framework of the ZMEL.

The municipality will recruit a non-permanent project and public procurement manager. “We are involved in the implementation of several major structuring projects (new town hall, skiing center, road developments, building renovations, etc.),” ​​argued the mayor. “We therefore need support. This position is planned for one year, renewable twice.”

An educational path for every child

The renewal of the territorial educational project (PEDT) was validated by elected officials who praised the work carried out by the youth service team. The PEDT formalizes the municipal project to offer each child a coherent and quality educational path before, during and after school. This PEDT is signed between the community, state representatives and local educational stakeholders.



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