€250 bonus for these French people, hurry up and ask for this help

€250 bonus for these French people, hurry up and ask for this help
€250 bonus for these French people, hurry up and ask for this help
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At the end of the school year, some good news awaits French high school graduates. A bonus will land in their bank account! This financial aid, ranging from 40 to 250 euros, is a welcome boost to start the summer. But be careful, this payment is not automatic: you have to apply for it.

A bonus of 40 to 250 euros for high school graduates

Nearly 680,000 young graduates are affected by this bonus. This corresponds to environ 80 % graduates of the year. A great recognition for their success and valuable support to help them finance their summer projects.

This bonus will undoubtedly be welcome! Indeed, it will help them to spend a well-deserved vacation, to buy school supplies for the next school year or simply to treat themselves. It does not distinguish between the different mentions. Thus, all those who graduated can claim this financial aid!

So don’t miss this opportunity! If you are a high school graduate this year, think about claim your bonus today. It’s a small, simple gesture that can make a big difference to your summer budget.

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Millions of French people will soon receive an exceptional bonus, those concerned

And don’t forget, this bonus can be combined with other financial aid, like CROUS scholarships. This is therefore the opportunity to maximize your support to continue your studies in the best conditions. So, how to ask for this helping hand after the baccalaureate?

Steps to follow

Several organizations, including banks, offer bonuses to high school graduates. People’s Bankfor example, offers a reward of 50 € to all high school graduates, without any mention requirement. To apply, you just need to present your diploma to an agency.

If you are already a customer of the bank, the payment will be made automatically to your account. Otherwise, you will need to open a current account. A simple and quick operation which does not in any way oblige you to transfer all your finances to them.

On the other hand, other banks offer higher premiums, up to €250 for a very good mention. Do not hesitate to compare the different offers and choose the one that suits you best. It is important to note that these aids are generally not cumulative with each other.

To get your reward, you will usually need to provide a number of documents. Including your diploma, your transcript and an identity document. The procedure is simple and quick, and you will receive your bonus within a few weeks of your application. So don’t wait any longer and take steps to obtain your bachelor’s allowance!

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The State will pay a bonus of 1,500 euros during the Paris Olympics, these French people who will receive it

Baccalaureate bonus, watch out for deadlines!

Bonuses are not available indefinitely! In fact, there is a deadline to respect to benefit from them. For Banque Populaire, the deadline is set at 5 August. And for the CIC, you will have to make your request before September 30. Finally, Société Générale which gives you until October 31.

So don’t wait too long to find out more and make your request! Don’t forget to do a comparison of amounts bonuses and conditions for obtaining them. Also remember to find out about the bank fees associated with opening an account. It is better to be prepared to avoid unpleasant surprises!



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