“Ninja Warrior” begins the Clash of Nations in Cannes Friday July 12, 2024 on TF1 (video)

For the first time, France is hosting the “Ninja Warrior” World Cup! A competition to follow on TF1 from Friday, July 12, 2024 with Denis Brogniart, Christophe Beaugrand and Iris Mittenaere.

5 highly successful nations have gathered in Cannes for this special edition of the competition: The United States – Japan – the United Kingdom – Germany – and of course FRANCE! These 5 countries will compete to win the grand trophy of world champion of Ninja Warrior.

Each of these 5 teams shares the same dream: to proudly represent their country and win this unique competition!

On the starting line, the 25 best candidates in the world (5 teams made up of 4 men and 1 woman) all have the goal of reaching the legendary Tower of Heroes and reaching the summit as quickly as possible!

Indeed, to maximize their chances of winning this prestigious competition, each nation must succeed in placing the greatest number of its representatives at the foot of the famous 23-meter rope…

Only the candidate who reaches the top of the Tower of Heroes with the best time will make his country triumph and allow it to bring the cup home!

Discover the competing teams:


This is the second participation of the French in this international competition and they have never won it… For the first time that they are playing at home, they dream of achieving this feat!

They will be taken by their captain Jean Tezenas du Montcelthe first winner of Ninja Warrior in France. At his side, Clement Gravier, Iliann Cherif, Charles Poujade et Maurane Jelicthe best woman in France.


Made of True Becker, Lorin Ball, Kevin Carbone, Brian Burkhardt and the captain Barclay Stockettthe American team will do everything to retain its world champion title.

United Kingdom

ninja warrior clash of nations uk

Tim Champion, Robert Bandosz, Henry Cookey, Beth Lodge as well as their captain Mike Snow weigh a total of 422kg!

They are the strongest team in the competition and they are determined to prove that this is indeed an advantage!


Max Görner, Marvin Mitterhuber, Lukas Kilian, Sladjan Djulabic and the captain Stefanie Edelmann all 5 of them arrive as regulars at this “Clash of Nations”.

The Germans know this international competition perfectly, since each member of the team has already participated in at least one international edition. They are therefore presenting themselves with confidence in the Heroes’ Course!


ninja warrior clash of nations japan

Led by their captain Tomohiro Kawaguchithe Japanese are experts in Ninja Warrior with more than 40 seasons broadcast in their country!

Will their experience lead them to victory?



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