The lobby of foreign big pharma in Morocco renews its office

The lobby of foreign big pharma in Morocco renews its office
The lobby of foreign big pharma in Morocco renews its office

Sanaa Sayagh, General Manager of Roche Maroc and new President of LEMM. Credit: DR.

The professional association of the Moroccan Pharmaceutical Companies (LEMM) is renewing its bodies. During the annual ordinary elective general meeting held on June 27, the members of the association elected their representatives, thus forming an Executive Board composed of both new members and others who were reappointed, we learn from a press release.

The new LEMM board is now chaired by Roche, represented by Sanaa Sayagh. AstraZeneca, represented by Amine Sekhri, and Merck Sharp & Dohme, represented by El Mehdi Rakhi, will serve as vice-presidents of the executive board, while Sanofi has been led to the general secretariat by Adrien Delamare-Deboutville. The treasury has been entrusted to Janssen, represented by Mehdi Seqat. Fadela Benjelloun will continue her duties as executive director of the association, a position she has held since 2018.

This is the second time that a woman has been elected to the presidency of LEMM. Before Sanaa Sayagh, it was Meryem Tamimy, CEO of the pharmaceutical laboratory GSK, who represented the international pharmaceutical sector in Morocco. I am honored and proud of the trust shown in me by the members of the association,” said the newly elected president of LEMM.

In the same vein, Sayagh affirmed that the association will continue its commitment to the development of the Moroccan health ecosystem. Together, we will continue to support major structuring projects for the benefit of the country and the patient-citizen by strengthening our commitment to the healthy and sustainable development of the health sector in Morocco. The new Office is in line with its predecessor, whom we warmly thank for all the achievements recorded, to promote modern medicine that is equitably accessible to all. ” she added.

The association, which mainly brings together foreign pharmaceutical players, says it is committed to the development of the sector in Morocco, but has divergent interests with the Moroccan Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry and Innovation (FMIIP), which represents national manufacturers and laboratories. In collaboration with other organizations and partners, LEMM is working, it is emphasized, to improve equitable access for Moroccan patients to therapeutic innovations in line with advances in scientific knowledge, technical and technological development.

In addition, it aims to propose suitable solutions that can guarantee the sustainability of the health system and the maintenance of financial balances through public-private partnerships, as is done in the world. At the same time, LEMM members are actively committed to supporting, developing and promoting biomedical research in Morocco, thus supporting Moroccan scientific excellence and the great local expertise in this field.

As a reminder, LEMM has 18 active members, with a new member, Maphar, who has just joined its ranks. The cumulative turnover of all members represents approximately 60% of the sector’s turnover. This represents pharmaceutical products in all therapeutic classes, 78% of which are manufactured locally, directly or through partnerships in the sector. In addition, Moroccan exports of medicines and health products throughout the world carried out by LEMM members from Morocco, which also has several regional offices, are established in Morocco, creating more than 2,000 highly qualified direct jobs, and more than 8,000 indirect jobs.

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