EDF inaugurates CEME 1, the largest solar power plant in Chile

EDF, in partnership with Generadora Metropolitana, has inaugurated CEME 1, the largest solar power plant in Chile, located near Maria Elena in the Atacama Desert. This facility, with a capacity of 480MW, covers 435 hectares and includes 882,000 solar panels. The plant is designed to provide energy to 500,000 homes and reduce CO2 emissions by 280,000 tonnes per year. In this way, EDF is expanding its investment in the field, like the Ottmarsheim solar power plant project.

Technology and Efficiency

CEME 1 incorporates several technological innovations, including a fixed structure with modules oriented to the east and west, optimizing the capture of solar energy in EDF’s new structure. The cleaning of the panels is automated, reducing water consumption by up to 90%. These innovations increase the efficiency of solar energy production.
Generadora Metropolitana is also developing a 1,200 MWh energy storage project to improve the constancy and reliability of energy supply, increasing the efficiency of the plant.

Strategy and Investments

The development of CEME 1 is part of EDF’s strategy to strengthen its presence in the renewable energy sector in Chile. The group already has an installed capacity of 770 MW in the country, with additional projects underway to increase this capacity.
The collaboration with AME within Generadora Metropolitana demonstrates the importance of strategic partnerships for the development of large-scale energy projects. This cooperation allows the mobilization of resources and skills for ambitious projects such as CEME 1.

Economic impact

The inauguration of CEME 1 represents a key milestone in the development of energy infrastructure in Chile. This solar plant contributes to diversifying the country’s energy sources and strengthening energy security. Investments in this project also stimulate the local economy, creating jobs and opportunities for local businesses.
The installation of 1,200 MWh energy storage batteries by Generadora Metropolitana helps stabilize the supply of renewable energy, meeting the growing demand for electricity in the country.



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