Communications in La Malbaie: problem solved

Communications in La Malbaie: problem solved
Communications in La Malbaie: problem solved

The City of La Malbaie is just a few weeks away from definitively resolving the communication problem of its fire safety and public works department.

The Couturier administration is having a 100-foot-high self-supporting tower installed on one of its plots of land on Rang Sainte-Madeleine.

“The concrete base will be poured next week and the following week Orizon Mobile will proceed with the installation of the tower. In my opinion, everything will be functional in August,” estimates Mario Savard, Director of Public Safety and Fire in La Malbaie.

The mayor had already mentioned that the regulatory process for the installation of this tower would be scrupulously respected. No taxpayer has expressed opposition.

The chances of that happening were pretty slim. The nearest neighbor to the site is 700 meters from the future facilities.

The system for the public works department has been installed temporarily.

Before choosing this site, the Fire Safety Service had conducted tests with its ladder truck. “We are only 10 meters lower, in altitude, than the Sainte-Madeleine site where our installations were,” recalls Chief Savard.

It will be remembered that in the saga of the Radio Mini-Page tower, La Malbaie had decided not to renew its contract with this supplier.

This is what led the City to find a plan B for its communications system.

The contract awarded to Orizon Mobile amounts to $46,000, stipulated in the resolution adopted in April 2024.



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