The post office on Rue du Pont is to close in Auxerre

The Paul-Bert post office will close its doors at the end of October 2024 due to an estimated 44% drop in traffic between 2019 and 2022. The downtown office will absorb the bulk of the flow, and the objective of developing other service points has been announced.

“We have never been so close to you”. The message is displayed in large format on the window and yet… Open only in the morning since May 27 (and announced until September 28), the Paul-Bert post office on rue du Pont in Auxerre is finally living out its last months.

While a petition has been circulating since mid-June in the neighborhood’s businesses to defend its retention, it is in fact called upon to close its doors “at the end of October,” says Édith Thomas, communications manager at La Poste Bourgogne Franche-Comté (BFC).

A decision that has sparked indignation among customers and traders

On March 31, 2023, it was the Sainte-Geneviève district that saw its office close its doors. A decision that did not fail to worry local residents, who considered the presence of a post office “indispensable”. A year later, in the Pont-Joubert district, the music is similar. “It’s a shame to remove a service here, regrets the president of the Pont-Joubert collective Angélique Reuillé-Durif. It was practical for people with reduced mobility and for all customers coming from the district, from the right bank, from the piedalloues and from the surrounding villages.”

You can find everything in this neighborhood, like a village. The post office attracts people and provides many services.

At the Pont pharmacy, there are fears of “a possible drop in traffic”, while opposite, the Éric Roy bakery and pastry shop is reporting all the indignation and “customer discontent”.

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Now confirmed, the closure is explained by a “decrease in the number of visitors to post offices”, and more specifically a drop “of 44% between 2019 and 2022 in this office”, reports the management of the Consumer and Digital branch of La Poste in BFC. More generally, La Poste reveals a strategy “of needs rather than places”. More precisely, “the needs are located in the workplaces of citizens, where they can consume, at times arranged according to their jobs”, reports the management.

Partners and the downtown post office take over

To meet daily demands such as postage, parcel drop-off, mobile telephony, etc. A policy of outsourced services must take over. “We are looking to establish partnerships with businesses that have longer opening hours, to become “La Poste partners”. Tobacconists, florists, grocery stores, etc. In addition to the city centre post office which will absorb the bulk of the flow.”

“For partner merchants, it must be a give-and-take, in order to bring customers to the participants who, in return, offer La Poste services.”

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The establishment located on Place Charles-Surugue will undergo a number of developments. The group indicates that the office “will significantly increase its opening hours, with seven more hours per week.” In November 2023, after four months of work, the city center office had been renovated and modernized.

In addition, the Saint-Siméon district office “will open on Saturday mornings and will host an examination centre for the theoretical Highway Code, motorcycle and boat test.” A harmonisation of hours across the sector is therefore being promoted, which also applies to the group’s employees. “They are not confined to an office, they work in a sector, so there will be no layoffs,” assures management.

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For professionals, the Espace Clients PRO office remains open on rue Moreaux, supported by the professional service of the office on place Charles-Surugue.

Christophe Pacalet and Mila Gosseaume



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