Health crisis | CSN Côte-Nord wants to regulate the flying team properly

Health crisis | CSN Côte-Nord wants to regulate the flying team properly
Health crisis | CSN Côte-Nord wants to regulate the flying team properly

Even though he would like to welcome the flying team employees tomorrow morning, the president of the Côte-Nord Central Council – CSN, Guillaume Tremblay, wants to do things properly. There is no question of being “more flexible” to please the Minister of Health.

“There are things to look at together. I’m in the same position as him, we want them for tomorrow morning. But we have to do it correctly because if we want people to volunteer, we have to know what to tell them when they ask us questions. That’s why we’re currently negotiating,” commented Mr. Tremblay the day after his meeting with Christian Dubé in Baie-Comeau.

The regional president of the CSN is clear: the flying team must not become a private agency “even if they are workers from the public network.” “We are thinking about disparities in treatment. What happens with workers who are going to leave from outside and who are going to come here? The housing issue, where are they going to go, the overtime lists, how will that work?” he asks.

The union representative admits that broader issues were addressed during the negotiations, but the region collaborated as soon as the flying team was announced. “As soon as this idea was submitted to us, we raised our hands and extended the invitation to everyone. We are in solutions mode. We want this to be resolved,” says Guillaume Tremblay.

If employees who are members of the CSN volunteer to join the flying team, they will be able to start tomorrow morning, assures the spokesperson. “In any case, it will be retroactive if we have not reached a final agreement with the employer,” he confirms.

For the regional president, a slightly longer process that produces good results is better. “That was the path that had to be taken to help us in this transition,” believes the man who deplores the fact that the flying team is only a temporary solution.

“That’s the discussion we had with him yesterday too. He agreed with us. We were talking about a temporary situation, a kind of plaster that we are putting in place in the meantime. To resolve this in a sustainable manner, we will have to sit down with him and the Treasury Board to be able to find solutions that will last over time,” adds Mr. Tremblay.

When the flying team is settled and the summer period is over, the unionist hopes that we will work on solutions to improve the attractiveness of the region for workers in the health and social services network.

“What are we putting in place to be more attractive so that these are permanent solutions and to have workers interested in coming to settle on the North Shore to provide health care to the people of the North Shore? That is what we must have as a long-term objective in this matter.”

Moreover, these are not requests that date from yesterday, according to Guillaume Tremblay.

“In the last collective agreement negotiation, we had requests in this regard and we were not able to make any gains. Maybe now, it’s catching up with us a little bit. It’s not new that we’re asking for conditions adapted to regions like ours because it’s more difficult in recruitment and retention,” he reveals.

The Minister Listens

The Côte-Nord Central Council – CSN felt that Minister Dubé was listening to him, and he was accompanied by regional elected officials Kateri Champagne Jourdain and Yves Montigny for the occasion.

“This allowed us to discuss with him with our visors raised. We also shared with him the directions we have in committees with the employer and the labor relations officer. We share solutions, particularly for the recall list and for staffing,” says the president.

The union was able to draw a picture of what is happening on the ground in addition to addressing the concerns of its workers.



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