Roanne City Council: Deputy Resigns “Under Pressure”

Roanne City Council: Deputy Resigns “Under Pressure”
Roanne City Council: Deputy Resigns “Under Pressure”

Corinne Troncy has chosen to leave her position as assistant and resign from his mandates in order to no longer be subjected to pressure linked to the assertions and attacks concerning the report which was issued by elected members of the opposition concerning deliberations on real estate projects.

His resignation”does not question her support for the municipal majority, of which she was a driving force, but she and her close associates can no longer stand the accusations and rumors spread by the 88 collective. She is motivated by repeated attacks and the echoes that followed, preventing her from exercising her mandates serenely”specified Yves Nicolin.

The former elected official wishes “to resume her life, without responsibility, and to be able to defend her honour, herself being cited as being a partner in one of her husband’s companies”which would be the subject of an investigation.

Roanne City Council: Real estate programs that question three opposition elected officials

This follows the report sent last May to the public prosecutor of Roanne by three opposition elected officials, Franck Beysson, Christine Chevillard and Bernard Gerbot, under both Article 40 of the Code of Criminal Procedure and Article L1111-1-1 of the General Code of Local Authorities.

Report in which the signatories explain having been questioned on the conformity of seven deliberations which have been proposed, concerning major real estate projects in which the same companies are found.

These include the Club des Trois, the SAS of the president of the Roanne choir,Emmanuel Brochot, also president of the Valentin Traiteur group, of Sébastien Nouzille, and of FrançoisTroncy, to which land on the Quai du Commandant-Lherminier was transferred.

The name of Corinne Troncy’s husband also appears in the company Immoprogest, of which he is the manager and which carried out the building project at 61 rue Denis Papin, as well as the real estate program of 17 housing units in the former Livatte school, carried out by SAS Bâti Foncier, to which belongs SCCV Les Terrasses du Port, of which Immoprogest is associated.

Vicky Redeuilh succeeds Corinne Troncy

These are bundles of clues that the signatories of the report were keen to highlight, but which obviously do not in any way predict the consequences that will be given.

In any case, the tension and the impact of these challenges on the accomplishment of her mandate were too great for Corinne Troncy, who therefore threw in the towel.

On the municipal council, Vicky Redeuilh succeeded her, elected deputy for social affairs.



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