The virtual transactional platform will be…

The virtual transactional platform will be…
The virtual transactional platform will be…

“We are creating something that does not yet exist. We must therefore carry out various analyses and we are in a testing period so that this transactional solution is effective from its launch,” reveals the coordinator of the Chantier, Mathieu Beaufort.

Let us recall that last February, the launch of the brand image “Where opposites attract” was carried out. Le Chantier used this brand image to create the platform.

Jobs, housing, schools…

Of course, the primary goal of this platform will be to connect employers in the region with potential candidates, whether they come from the region, Quebec, Canada or even internationally.

“A candidate interested in an employer will be able to benefit from a contact person who will act as a link between everyone. For example, someone who is interested in a job “Anyone could interview with an employer or even make a spontaneous job offer even if a position is not posted,” explains Mr. Beaufort.

According to the coordinator, the added value lies in the support. “We talk a lot about the employment component, but we will be able to support the search for housing, support for registering for school or daycare and even the search for leisure activities. A dashboard will therefore be able to follow each candidate and each family, while employers will have their own 100% customizable kiosk in order to showcase themselves via a virtual showcase,” adds Mr. Beaufort, who invites employers to update their virtual kiosk.

Moreover, the Chantier is currently working to ensure that many businesses create a kiosk before the launch this fall. “The key is to have traffic on the application and the site. We are not the only region that is taking steps to attract people. We have chosen an innovative way to achieve this, but it requires the collaboration of everyone, both businesses and citizens who will have the reflex to consult it,” says Mathieu Beaufort.

In this sense, a webinar was held last April to explain the progress of the project to companies, who will be contacted again for another webinar shortly.

Local firms put to work

While the platform is designed by the Montreal-based Valtech Agency, two agencies in the region won a specific call for tenders on June 12 to promote the region’s brand image in the coming months. The Caza Agency will handle the civic aspect of the brand, while COLOSSE will handle the economic aspect.

“A synergy will be created between two marketing communications agencies in different niches. In the economic aspect, we will want to attract external attention for businesses, while on the citizen side, we will talk more about the living environment that makes us proud or events, for example,” reveals Mr. Beaufort.

Until the virtual platform is launched this fall, steps are continuing to feed it, such as taking images of landscapes or writing texts. This “Signature innovation” project has a budget of $1,423,165 from the Ministère des Affaires municipales et de l’Habitation (MAMH) and $284,633 from the MRC de Pierre-De Saurel. Chantier spokesperson Mario Fortin assures that the budget is and will be respected, as is the schedule.



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