Louise Bourgoin has just acquired an apartment in a popular area of ​​Paris, its style had everything to please her

By Louise Martin | Editor

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Interviewed by the daily newspaper “Libération” this Tuesday, July 9, Louise Bourgoin returned to her relationship with art. While she will soon be on the bill in the comedy “Le Médium”, the mother and actress reveals her passion for drawing, which she continues to practice.

Louise Bourgoin has just acquired an apartment in a popular area of ​​Paris, its style had everything to please her

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We knew Louise Bourgoin as funny, piquant and wild during her appearances as Miss Météo on Canal +. Then, the young woman revealed herself to be an intense, gifted and even severe actress. However, the actress from Rennes also returns to another aspect of her personality: her erudition and her passion for art. Interviewed by Release this Tuesday July 9 on the occasion of his role in a comedy on esotericism The MediumLouise Bourgoin returned to her inclination for graphic arts but also architecture, design and decoration.

The one who went from a studio located in the Marais 17 years ago, to an apartment in Batignolles, in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, art nouveau style, did not do it by chance. The period and the style were an important motivation for the mother of two children. Moreover, christened Ariane by her parents, the young woman chose to rename herself Louise Bourgoin, in homage to the famous visual artist Louise Bourgeois, whom she admires. After her baccalaureate, the Breton sees herself evolving in contemporary art and studies at the Beaux-Arts in Rennes for five years. Graduated, she fails the CAPES to become a visual arts teacher and goes to Paris. A new life begins.

Louise Bourgoin never gave up drawing and collected art

Louise Bourgoin, now an actress knighted by her peers, never stops drawing, as revealed in the portrait of Release. Julien Doré’s ex sketches bodies and inks them. Recently, she illustrated an anthology of erotic poetry and even the great cartoonist Joann Sfar says: “His drawings resemble those of Cretan vases. It’s dirty but so beautiful”.

The musician Tepr’s partner also built up an art collection, visited the wind room and compiled catalogues of works. The 42-year-old artist never misses a visit to the Musée d’Orsay, where he admires the nudes. Facing the origin of the world of the painter Gustave Courbet, Louise Bourgoin writes: “Our sex is shown without make-up, without false modesty. (…) Visible, simple, obvious, honest, it is exactly like a male sex. A form of equality is reestablished before my eyes and rejoices me.



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