In Angers, they are inventing the pen of tomorrow

In Angers, they are inventing the pen of tomorrow
In Angers, they are inventing the pen of tomorrow

After several years of work, Théo Hubert, a former Esaip student, and his associate Fabien Fasson, are preparing to launch a pen that will digitize writings.

Fabien Fasson and Théo Hubert are at the head of AlphaPen – ©

Allowing those who regularly write on paper to digitize their writings using a simple pen is the revolutionary idea that germinated in Théo Hubert’s head several years ago during his engineering studies at Esaip. Originally from Lozère, the young 25-year-old entrepreneur, who is now an entrepreneurship referent at the engineering school located in Saint-Barthélemy-d’Anjou, spent several years working on his project, with no fewer than 700 prototypes produced and several market studies conducted.

A true jack-of-all-trades, Fabien Fasson has had several professional lives at just 32 years old. Having worked in the world of poker, then as a salesperson in various companies, he met Théo Hubert during a “startup weekend”, these events where entrepreneurs meet and form teams around ideas in order to transform them into concrete projects. When Théo told me about his connected pen project, I was thrilled. I was caught up in my desire to undertake “, remembers Fabien Fasson.

Last November, they participated in the “Pitch for Money” event organized by the CCI of Maine-et-Loire. This allows entrepreneurs to meet financiers and investors from the region. It was a decisive event. It allowed us to structure our project and meet partners. “, explain the two partners who created the company AlphaPen the following month.

“Restoring the pen’s nobility”

Before launching their connected pen on the market, a research and development period is still necessary. The industrialization phase will come next. There will probably be a pre-sale with crowdfunding in the coming months “, indicate Fabien and Théo. The AlphaPen pens will be manufactured in part by Seedlab, Théo Hubert’s other company with his partner Loïs Martin. ” Seedlab will take care of the mechanical part of the pen. We are looking for an industrial partner for the electronics “, says Fabien Fasson.

From the beginning, this future pen has been imagined by the former Esaip student to be repairable, manufactured, as much as possible, with recycled materials. Among the targets of the two partners: children suffering from dysorthography, journalists, teachers, and therapists. We want to restore the pen to its former glory. People love to write. According to a recent survey, the pen remains the French people’s favorite way to write. “, notes Théo Hubert.

Artificial intelligence at the heart of the project

Depending on the range, AlphaPen pens should be sold between 50 and 180 euros. The models currently available on the market only work with paper specific to each brand. With AlphaPen, Fabien and Théo intend to adapt it to all media, whether it is a simple post-it, a personal notebook or a shopping list.

The pen of the Angevin brand will transcribe the writings on any digital medium. It will be local only, there will be no need to be connected to the Internet, just Bluetooth. Users will then be able to find their text on the software of their choice “, specifies Théo Hubert.

Artificial intelligence will bring added value to the AlphaPen. This is simply what will make the pen smart. It will be able to recognize a person’s handwriting. “, emphasize the project leaders who do not yet want to reveal in detail how it works.

The pen, which is currently under patent, is expected to be available for sale in 2025.

By Sylvain Réault.



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