“Mr Deschamps, we would like to have fun watching the French team”

“Mr Deschamps, we would like to have fun watching the French team”
“Mr Deschamps, we would like to have fun watching the French team”

The French team faces Spain tonight in the semi-final of the Euro. A clash of styles between the very pragmatic Didier Deschamps and La Roja, one of the most attractive teams in the competition.

Since Friday I have been asking myself the question: Which French team will we have?

The boring one we’ve been seeing since the beginning of this Euro? Which looks a lot like The french team that we had last March, and more generally at each gathering since the World Cup 2022 ?

Or else a French team that we all fantasize about, the one that is at the level of the potential that we give it. The one that is so well represented by the phrase “Oh, they’re going to do it again without us really understanding how.”

No show

Here Didier Deschamps confirmed to us again that for him, only the result counted and not the pleasure taken by those who watch the matches. He said: “If you’re bored, watch something else.”

Well no Mr. Coach, we would like to watch The french teamthe one we love because we love our country, and at the same time combine our passion for football, this sport that we also love a lot…

It’s still sad that the person who has best represented French football for 35 years tells us “well you know what, if you like football with a bit of spectacle don’t watch us”.

How do you motivate young people to take up a sport if you don’t make them dream? Just with victory?

He mentioned that too: success as the only way to have fun. He said “We have the ability to share emotions, to make French people happy with our results.”

Results would be the only way to be happy. Obviously it is the results and only the results that will dictate whether I enjoy watching a football match. Well no, there again Mr Deschamps I do not agree.

I feel like this is a vision of a man who doesn’t like football. “You know what, don’t bother watching the matches, only the end result counts.”

In addition, the problem with this reading grid of the result or nothing is that each competition is a double or quits. Either there would be a final victory, or there would be nothing to keep.

It’s terrible to have this reasoning when we know that only one team will win the Euro. Moreover, out of the 5 competitions played by the French team under Didier Deschampshow many victories? Only one in 2018, does that mean there were 4 failures?

Well no, that demonstrates the absurdity of this reasoning, that of our coach.

So tonight I hope for a victory of course, but I also hope to enjoy watching the match just to have fun at least once watching the French team in this Euro.



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