SENEGAL-SPAIN-DISTINCTION / Youssou Ndour unfolds the thread of his career inspired by love and peace – Senegalese Press Agency

SENEGAL-SPAIN-DISTINCTION / Youssou Ndour unfolds the thread of his career inspired by love and peace – Senegalese Press Agency
SENEGAL-SPAIN-DISTINCTION / Youssou Ndour unfolds the thread of his career inspired by love and peace – Senegalese Press Agency

Dakar, July 9 (APS) – Senegalese singer and composer Youssou Ndour, who was awarded the rank of honorary doctor by Berklee Valencia University in Spain, outlined his career on Monday, “guided by a clear philosophy, that of singing about love, peace and commitment.”

“Since the beginning, my career has been guided by a clear philosophy, that of singing love, peace and commitment,” he said when receiving this honorary distinction, during a ceremony coinciding with the graduation of the 2024 class of Berklee Valencia students.

“Every note, every word of my songs aims to convey a powerful and universal message,” said the lead vocalist of Super Etoile de Dakar during this The ceremony was broadcast live on the Spanish university’s website from the palace of arts of Valencia.

In a speech delivered in French, he announced: in “deep gratitude” to the authorities of Berklee Valencia University for the “exceptional honor” bestowed upon him.

“Receiving an honorary doctorate from this prestigious institution is a recognition that touches me deeply,” said Youssou Ndour.“It is a strong symbol that reminds me that music, beyond borders, is a universal language capable of changing the world,” added Youssou Ndour.

The mbalax star considers that his career is a reflection of his commitment to music, adding that beyond years and albums, a “deep philosophy” inhabits him, which he tries to “translate into words and melodies in his songs”.

Love as the foundation of his songs

“I sang about the love that binds people who love each other, the love of oneself, the love of one’s neighbor, of nature. I sang about love, because it is at the beginning of existence, and like a long river, it waters our lives,” said the artist.

“Throughout my career, I have strived to present and represent my country and my continent with dignity,” said Youssou Ndour, spresenting himself as “a son of Africa coming from a country small in area, but large in people”, namely Senegal.

He maintains that his music “campaigns against racism through respect for human rights and a constant fight for the voiceless and the excluded. It is music for freedom, for universal brotherhood and for world peace,” insists the performer of “Dakar-Kingston”, an album released in 2010.

He also presents his music as “a call to collective consciousness, solidarity and mutual understanding.”

“Through my songs, I campaign for education, for respect for the environment. I deeply believe in education and respect for the environment, essential for the survival and well-being of future generations,” said Youssou Ndour.

He invited students at Berklee Valencia University to engage in their own fight “for a better world, whether through art, education or any other means.”

The mbalax star says he believes “firmly in education, the pillar on which the future of our societies rests”.

“Let us continue to sing love, preach peace and fight for a future where everyone is respected and heard,” concluded the lead vocalist of the Super Etoile de Dakar, author, composer and actor, but also businessman and political actor.

Berklee Valencia University said on its website that it has decided to award Youssou Ndour an honorary doctorate in recognition of his contribution to the development of music in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, and for bringing Senegalese music and traditions to an international audience.

“Through his music, philanthropy and political activism, he influenced generations of musicians,” Berklee Valencia University added.

Over the past five years, Berklee Valencia University has awarded the same prize to many personalities, including British Imogen Heap, Mexican Lila Downs, former Brazilian Minister of Culture Gilberto Gil, Spaniard Alberto Iglesias and American Yvette Noel-Schure.




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