“It’s going to double my bill”: in Toulouse, water is now more expensive in the summer

“It’s going to double my bill”: in Toulouse, water is now more expensive in the summer
“It’s going to double my bill”: in Toulouse, water is now more expensive in the summer

Some departments in the South-West continue to fear drought despite the heavy rains of recent weeks.

In Toulouse, the authorities have decided to make those who consume large quantities of water pay.

TF1’s 8pm news went there.

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The gesture is recurrent: every week, Yvan Kalfon maintains his swimming pool and adjusts its level. With his swimming pool and his garden, water is essential to him during the hot season. “We have to maintain the pool at a certain level. It’s the same with plants. There’s no choice.”he explains in front of the camera of the 8pm news on TF1, in the report visible at the top of this article.

For several weeks now, he has been paying a high price for this water. “Last summer, I used 125 m³ of water, which cost me 234 euros. This year, I’m going to use 110 or 120 m³, which will double my water bill.”he laments. Because in Toulouse, to preserve the resource, water now costs more during the summer.

This is the first time in France that a metropolis has opted for seasonal pricing. The idea is simple: from June to October, water now costs more, +42%. The rest of the year, a 30% reduction is applied. According to the city hall, the bill for the people of Toulouse and the 37 surrounding municipalities should not increase for a family, unless they have a garden and a swimming pool.

Fear that the Garonne will dry up

To save water, there are aerators, easy to install on taps. They could reduce our consumption by up to 25%. The metropolis has distributed 30,000 of them. A small gesture to preserve the level of the Garonne, because in Toulouse, drinking water comes from this river.

However, currently there is no concern, and its flow rate is sufficient. “The Garonne is doing well. At the end of the summer, it drops to a third of that, to 40 m³/second, or even less.”explains Jean-Michel Fabre, president of the Joint Union for Studies and Development of the Garonne (Smeag).

Industrialists also have to save water.

Jean-Michel Fabre, president of Smeag

For comparison, our report shows images of the Garonne almost dry in some places last winter. To avoid this happening again, even though it has rained a lot in recent months, we need to step up our efforts. Experiments in the water tables are underway. Water releases are being rationalized.

“In addition to this, farmers are experimenting with new crops. Industrialists also need to save water. We have entered into a rational management approach, ensuring that everyone gets involved to avoid a water war.”continues Jean-Michel Fabre.

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    How can we explain the sharp increases in the price of water?

Companies are also affected by this modulation of rates, and some traders are worried. This is the case of a dry cleaner, a business that consumes water. Summer is a period of intense work, because customers take advantage of it to bring their duvets and winter coats. The trader therefore reduces the time of her washing cycles and lowers the temperature. She also invested some time ago in more economical washing machines.

While Toulouse has opted for seasonal pricing, other cities in France have chosen the progressive mode: the more a household consumes, the more it pays.

The writing of TF1info | TF1 report : P. Mislanghe, M. Larradet, I. Rachati



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