Euro 2024: “I win with one or the other”, confides the ex-AJ Auxerre player Miguel Pineda before France-Spain

Euro 2024: “I win with one or the other”, confides the ex-AJ Auxerre player Miguel Pineda before France-Spain
Euro 2024: “I win with one or the other”, confides the ex-AJ Auxerre player Miguel Pineda before France-Spain

Another shock for the French team at the Euro Football Championship. The Blues are facing Spain this Tuesday evening (9pm) in the semi-final, in Munich, after their painful qualifications against Belgium Then against Portugal. A meeting that the former AJ Auxerre striker, Miguel Pineda, will follow with passion. Then at the start of his career, theThe Franco-Spaniard rubbed shoulders with Eric Cantona and Jean-Marc Ferreri under Guy Roux, before leaving to play for Espanyol Barcelona (1944-1989). He gives France Bleu Auxerre his impressions of this match and his memories in Yonne. Interview.

FB Auxerre: You are Franco-Spanish, born in Gien in the Loiret, you now live in Tarragona in Spain after having notably worn the jersey of the Roja in the youth. This France-Spain is not a match like the others for you…

Miguel Pineda : It’s one more match, there have been so many in recent years between France and Spain, it’s always been a bit of a debate, but it’s true that it’s always been nice for me to see these two teams play against each other.

Your heart isn’t swinging more towards one of the two teams?

No, honestly no! I have friends here who ask me too, and I always tell them jokingly ‘I win with one or the other’. It’s difficult because I grew up with one from 0 to 18 years old (France, editor’s note) and I finished growing up with the other. But at the same time, I’ve always admired these two teams.

Precisely, what is your view of these two teams? We have a Spain that is making a strong impression during this Euro and a very solid France, which wins almost all the time…

At the beginning of the championship, if I had to bet, I would have bet only on the French team. Even here in Spain, we didn’t expect La Roja at this level. We thought there could be good moments, but we didn’t expect all this explosion of youth, speed, experience. It was a surprise for many, many, many people here in Spain, even for the most specialized press. We discovered these young people, it’s very important because everyone knows each other in the team and that’s a little bit of what all these young players brought, especially in attack.

And what view do we have from Spain of this French team? Do we fear it?

We fear it, because we recognize that there is really a great, great quality of players. We fear it because there is still a track record for a few years, in the World Cup in particular, but on the other hand, they are so euphoric with these two Spanish attackers, Nico Williams and Lamine Yamal who are on fire that there is the euphoria of playing and we do not fear anyone. But it is true that there is a certain respect for France, for the players of the French team, for the French team. We can like or not like the style of play, but it is a very good team, with very good players and there have still been good results.

There have been some legendary France-Spain matches over the last 40 years. Is there one that sticks out in your memory in particular?

The final of the European Cup 84 in France with this famous goal by Platini and the mistake of the goalkeeper Arconada. Besides, I think that the world is upside down compared to today. The Spanish team at that time, it was really the battle, and the French team was so beautiful to watch play, it was a spectacle! France deserved this title so much, the French Team was impressive. I was 20 years old in 84 and it was really impressive to see this French Team.

At AJA, you played alongside one of the players from that French team, even though he wasn’t a starter, Jean-Marc Ferreri. What memories do you have of your time at Auxerre?

The best! The best passage that a young person of the time could have had. When I decided to go to Spain in 84, the Guy Roux school was really the school to be prepared to travel and for years I had a lot of relations with Eric Cantona when he came to Barcelona. When we saw each other, we remembered all the anecdotes with Guy Roux, and it was really impressive, because he was so ahead of many things… On other things, he was behind, but he was so ahead of many things that it marked us to be able to travel. All the things that Guy Roux said ‘be careful of this, that, the discos, etc.’ And we always had that in mind and it really helped us. It’s impressive. And then all the people from AJ Auxerre at the time. We were a third division team and we ended up champions of France, with Didier Loiseau, Basile Boli, Eric Cantona: an impressive group.

Only good memories…

Yes, because in the end, I arrive in Auxerre, I’m 16 and I leave, I’m 20 and it could only be good memories. Good anecdotes, quite funny anecdotes, others a little less, but in the end with time everything becomes funny.



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