A pint of blood for the headline please!

A pint of blood for the headline please!
A pint of blood for the headline please!
We liked

The boards are beautiful
Dark fantasy as we like it!

We didn’t like it

More pages!!

Barbaric it is the new creation of Michael Moreci to the scenario (Superman Rebirth tome 4, Strangers Things – Kamchatka) et Nathan Gooden in the drawing (Zojaqan, The Rush…) with blood, death and monsters as their signature! They are helped by Addison Duke (Curse Words…) to the colors.

But you’re going to tell me, who published this little gem? Well, it’s Urban Comics which gives us the chance to discover Barbaric In France !

Owen has a very eventful life, drinking, sleeping, killing. This is what he does all day long, his “metro, work, sleep” routine. When he finds himself betrayed by three of his friends, three witches having a plan for him, he is forced to accept it. It’s that or Hell, and that’s not so cool! Owen sees his life turned upside down, he finds himself doing good and it really bothers him!

Accompanied by his weapon, the so-called Axe, whose constant thirst has always guided his every move, he will have to come to the aid of all those in need. But there is one thing Owen hates more than a life of constraints: witches. So when he is forced to team up with Soren, one of them, it looks complicated.

I like comics where we are not bombarded with a multitude of characters while we forget most of them a few days after reading them. This is one of the advantages of Barbaricwe end up with at most ten characters and that’s enough for a first volume.

Volume 1 introduces this promising universe and the main characters: Owen, Soren and the three witches.

We therefore find ourselves understanding that‘Owen has various goals, including personal good and that he intends to continue doing good in spite of himself. The character is the perfect example of the anti-hero, he kills, sleeps and drinks as soon as he has the opportunity and finds himself having to work for a cause that is beyond him.

Soren’s character is intriguing. Through the first volume, we discover her past and understand why she got there. His powers drawn from necromancy allow him to do some spectacular things!

Making the abbot of a town a man possessed by evil forces allows us to present the sequel well, even if the barbarian’s enemy is not impactful.

The last page of volume 1 announces the next adversary of our improbable duo, and all I can tell you is thatthere’s going to be even more blood!



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