Béton Provincial road flaggers locked out and on strike

Photo courtesy of METALWORKERS UNION

(With the help of the Metalworkers Union) Road signallers from two divisions of Béton Provincial have been put on lockout by their employer last Wednesday. In response, their colleagues at Pavage des Monts went on strike the same day.

These two units of Local 9005 of the Metalworkers, although distinct, negotiate together as branches of Béton Provincial.

The union says that “the company manages its own road signaling service, which allows it to operate outside the government decree that has increased wages by $4.01 per hour for road signallers since February.”

Employees of the two companies in the local section earn less than $19 an hour, compared to the $25 to $30 an hour found in Bas-Saint-Laurent.

It was this wage disparity that led the 37 workers of these two companies to a 95% strike vote on June 27. These metalworkers are demanding wage parity with the other signallers in their region.

“The decree sets a wage standard that all employers should follow,” said Nathalie Perron, president of the United Steelworkers Local 9005. “Even if this company is outside the decree, it’s the market and it’s the same job.”

The union also denounces the use of strike breakers by the employer, who continues to operate despite the conflict.

A picket line has been set up in Matane.



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