What is this scam with Lindt orange chocolate?

What is this scam with Lindt orange chocolate?
What is this scam with Lindt orange chocolate?

As I turned the dark chocolate bar with orange over, I read the ingredients and it really pissed me off. Where did the orange peels go?

Like many of you, I am a chocolate fan, with a preference for full fat milk chocolatelike Milka, Crunch etc. But I am trying to cure my addiction and recently, I have been turning to dark chocolate. It’s an interesting alternative, already because my children (and my boyfriend) don’t rush to it, and also because I have the impression of eating something a little less bad for the health. I like above all the dark chocolate with orangeit reminds me of the chocolatier’s orangettes: a thin orange peel coated in crunchy dark chocolate. Yum. Be careful though, I hate After Eight. Gen Z, not sure you know.

How surprised I was to discover the composition of my current favorite tablet: Lindt, Excellence Noir Orange Intense 100g.

Orange juice in orange chocolate!

The composition in question:

Yes, you read that right. Goodbye orange peels. It’s orange juice in it, from concentrate. Oh, but what a disappointment. They also give us lemon juice and pineapple?! What’s the connection, seriously? Well, now you’ve been warned. I’m going to refer to the Côte d’Or.

This article was a rant. If you see other scams like this, share them with us: [email protected]

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