Vannes: moving, scaffolding… Which parking lots will be inaccessible in July?

Vannes: moving, scaffolding… Which parking lots will be inaccessible in July?
Vannes: moving, scaffolding… Which parking lots will be inaccessible in July?


Florian Tiercin

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Jul 8, 2024 at 1:02 PM

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For the proper running of construction sites in the city center of Vannes, construction companies sometimes have to nibble away at parking spaces. Movers can also have a right of way on the public highway. Here are the orders granted by the municipality for the summer of 2024.

Van on the sidewalk

From July 10 to 11, a 10 m² space is granted to a van on the sidewalk of the Law Street.

“Pedestrian traffic must be maintained in all circumstances, either by providing a pedestrian crossing free of any obstacle, protected and continuous, with a width of at least 1.40 metres along the rights-of-way, or 0.90 metres if the environment does not allow it, or by setting up a pedestrian diversion, on the roadway with a passage of 0.90 metres, or on the opposite sidewalk,” the decree specifies.


Au 9 rue Richemontfor a move, reservation of two parking spaces from July 13-14, 2024.

RCourts of Justicea move the 11 July requires a sidewalk footprint.

Diversions due to works

In the Louis Pasteur Streetof July 10 to July 11the work on the chimney requires the prohibition of vehicle traffic during the day. A diversion will be put in place. “Parking of vehicles is prohibited during the day,” adds the order.

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Scaffolding on the sidewalk

Philippe Lebon Streetof July 11 to August 2it is planned to install scaffolding on the sidewalk. A parking space is planned to the right of street number 22.

“Failure to comply with the provisions set out in the preceding paragraphs is considered to be very disruptive within the meaning of Article R. 417-11 of the Highway Code and is punishable by immediate impoundment,” the decree states.

Facade renovation work, Arthur de Richemont Streetof July 10, 2024 to July 24require the installation of scaffolding on the sidewalk. Two parking spaces are reserved at No. 29.

Source: municipal decrees dated July 3, 2024

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