“Political miracle”, “French Revolution”… The results of the legislative elections in France seen from abroad: News

The foreign press reacted strongly to the results of the French legislative elections from the first figures on Sunday evening. The surprise is total among our European neighbors.

A surprising result, even from abroad. The National Rally may have made a historic breakthrough, but it did not obtain the absolute majority hoped for in these early legislative elections. The New Popular Front won, ahead of the presidential camp and the RN, taking the biggest slice of the pie. According to the final results, the NFP will be represented by 182 deputies in the National Assembly, compared to 163 for the Ensemble group and 143 for the RN-LR alliance of Jordan Bardella and Éric Ciotti. For the German press, such a result is a “miracle”. For the Iberian press, the French sent a clear message by saying “No to the extreme right”.

Surprise in Germany and Spain

“France has just witnessed a political miracle”reacted Nils Minkmar, journalist of the German daily South German Timesas soon as the first results were announced at 8 p.m. on Sunday evening. For Leo Klimm, Paris correspondent for Spiegelthis is a real “spectacular turn of events”.

A feeling shared by the Iberian press, which evokes a “unexpected turnaround” in the columns of The vanguard. Pour The countryEmmanuel Macron paid the price of a “irresponsible decision” and will have to learn all the lessons from the message sent by the French during this second round of legislative elections: “France said no to the far right”writes the Spanish daily, which follows the political situation in France minute by minute.

Concern in Italy

In Italy, there is shock and concern following the victory of the French left. Libero thus titled “what a mess”predicting a “chaos” future. The Republicwhich follows live all the reactions the day after this second round, has headlined directly on the “French Revolution” that these results translate. Giorgia Meloni’s supporters fear that this will give ideas to the Italian left. Elly Schlein, leader of the transalpine Democratic Party, even welcomed on Sunday evening a “extraordinary result for the united left”emphasizing that “The right can be beaten”.

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