2024 Legislative Elections. Julien Gabarron, RN Deputy “Killer” of Emmanuelle Ménard in Hérault

Julien Gabarron, 43, created a surprise by beating Emmanuelle Ménard, outgoing MP, wife of the mayor of Béziers, former close friend of Marine Le Pen, in a three-way race in the 6th constituency of Hérault. He won 47.26% of the vote. A bar manager, an engineer who went from Sarkozyism to the far right, he joined the RN four years ago

Julien Gabarron is the new MP for the 6th constituency of Hérault. Defender of bullfighting traditions, bar manager and then engineer, the departmental delegate of the National Rally of Hérault, elected Sunday on the land of the Ménard couple in Béziers, has gone from Sarkozysme to the extreme right.

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At 43, the man who joined the RN four years ago, created a surprise by beating the outgoing MP Emmanuelle Ménard, wife of the mayor of Béziers Robert Ménard, formerly close to Marine Le Pen.

Mr. Macron has caused chaos.

Robert Ménard, Mayor of Béziers

France 3 Occitanie

For the National Rally, it is not a success, that goes without saying. They hoped for more, they got less. For the government, it was predicted to be a spanking, but in the end, they are not doing so badly and a left that is going to rub shoulders with the government… We will see how long it will last but which is not capable today, on its own, of governing. Mr. Macron has caused chaos. For France, this is not a good time.” reacted Robert Ménard, mayor of Béziers, shortly after the results were announced.

When the results were announced on Sunday, July 7, he expressed mixed satisfaction with the national situation. His party came in third place, behind the New Popular Front and the presidential majority.

I have mixed feelings about the national situation.

Julien Gabarron, RN MP for the 6th constituency of Hérault

“I am very happy that the people of Béziers have placed their trust in me. I have mixed feelings about the national situation. Happy but with responsibility. I will work with all the mayors in the constituency, particularly the mayor of Béziers, to be able to develop our territory,” he assured Sunday evening when questioned by our France 3 Occitanie team.

The son of teachers, born on March 1, 1981, Julien Gabarron spent his early years in Lille before moving south as a teenager. Father of four children, he holds a law degree obtained in 2003 from the Faculty of Montpellier and a diploma as a notary clerk.

For almost ten years, from 2010 to 2019, the man who describes himself as a “defender of bullfighting traditions” was the owner and manager of a bar in Béziers, frequented by defenders of bullfighting, located opposite the arenas.

Since 2020, alongside his political responsibilities, he has become a sales engineer in a company specializing in supporting the development of digital technology for notaries.

A former UMP member, registered until 2010, Juilen Gabarron recounts having been “close to the political opinions of Charles Pasqua (former Minister of the Interior) and Nicolas Sarkozy”, former President of the Republic.

When I became interested in politics again in 2019, after a few years of withdrawal, I felt orphaned by the social right that I appreciated in Nicolas Sarkozy. I found, in the National Rally, the political values ​​that I was looking for.

Julien Gabarron, RN MP for the 6th constituency of Hérault


Initially a sympathiser, he then became involved with the party and was appointed, in October 2023, departmental delegate for Hérault, responsible in particular for “to keep the National Rally label alive in a constituency where the Ménard couple were too close to Macronie”, he estimated.

The Ménards’ proximity to Emmanuel Macron certainly weighed on the voters’ choice. “The voters voted for legislative elections that were “only national. This evening the local dimension did not count. This is the verdict of the ballot boxes”, reacted Emmanuelle Ménard, the outgoing candidate after the vote.




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