These people shelter a homeless person and then become his victims in Saint-Brieuc

These people shelter a homeless person and then become his victims in Saint-Brieuc
These people shelter a homeless person and then become his victims in Saint-Brieuc


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Jul 8, 2024 at 10:56 AM

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According to him, the defendant arrived from Gabon in 2022 and is 22 years old. He appeared before the Saint-Brieuc court (Côtes-d’Armor) for a series of nine flights committed between April 30 and May 22, 2024.

Despite the short time the person concerned spent in the country, his criminal record already has three mentions.

He arrived at the court under escort from the prison administration, having already been detained for other offences for just over a month.

Threats with weapons

The thefts were all committed in the same area of ​​Saint-Brieuc. The defendant, who was homeless for a time, was housed by several “good Samaritans” who quickly became his victims.

The person concerned did not hesitate to threaten them by brandishing a screwdriver or a knife in order to force them to give him their bank card codes.

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Among the stolen items, we also find: an electric bicycle, a computer, a tablet, jewelry, a wallet, a telephone, restaurant vouchers, etc.

At the bar of the court, just as during his police custody in the premises of the Saint-Brieuc police station, the no everything in one go, except for the theft of the phone.

That’s wrong, it’s not me. It’s another guy, I didn’t steal anything.

The accused

For him, all the victims lie. The evidence changes nothing, the defendant sticks to his position.

The magistrate then tells him that he was filmed when he used the bank cards. In addition, the victims know him.

The thief robbed?

A second defendant is present at the bar. For a single theft committed in his company. His accomplice also stole a touch pad his home.

The second defendant’s criminal record attests to his drug addiction. 23 mentions They are listed, almost all of which are linked to the use and drug trafficking.

Following the prosecution’s indictment, the court sentenced the main defendant to a 15-month prison sentence with a committal warrant issued at the hearing. He will also have to compensate his victims for nearly 4 500 euros. Since the guilt of his accomplice could not be completely established, he was relaxed.

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