DEPARTMENT: François Sauvadet defines a 2024 supplementary budget to “respond to the concerns of our compatriots”

In his opening remarks on Monday, July 8, in Dijon, the president of the community expressed his hope that the elected deputies would have “well in mind the essential role of communities.” For the opposition, Nathalie Koenders noted “a divide between cities and the countryside.”

The day after the early legislative elections, this Monday, July 8, 2924, in Dijon, the Côte-d’Or departmental council met in plenary session, mainly to vote on the traditional 2024 supplementary budget.

While government changes have not yet taken place, both the majority and the opposition have remained cautious in their expressions.

François Sauvadet sends his “republican congratulations” to Catherine Hervieu

“I respect the choice of the voters,” declared François Sauvadet (UDI), president of the Côte-d’Or departmental council, in his opening remarks. “I extend my republican congratulations to the departmental councillor Catherine Hervieu who was elected as well as to all those who were elected even if I would have sometimes preferred other choices.”

A member of the Ecologists (ex-EELV), Catherine Hervieu is a member of the opposition group Côte-d’Or Terres d’avenir. Absent today to go to the National Assembly, the new deputy of the second constituency – who succeeds Benoît Bordat (FP), another departmental elected official – has given her power to Gaëlle Thomas (various left).

François Sauvadet assures “the firm will of the Department to continue the work in a complicated political, economic and social environment”

The president of the community reaffirms “the firm will of the Department to continue [les] works in the service of Côte-d’Or and the Côte-d’Oriens in a complicated political, economic and social environment”, hopes that the deputies elected on July 7 have “well in mind the essential role of the communities” and hopes that “this anger which was expressed in the ballot boxes does not move into the streets three weeks before the Olympic Games ceremony”.

“The supplementary budget that I am proposing to you is inspired by this desire to respond to the concerns of our compatriots,” declared François Sauvadet.

The social component of this “BS” includes an “additional effort” of 3.5 million euros “in favor of human solidarity” including one million euros for disability, an envelope of 800,000 euros to “support the most struggling EHPADs”, the continuation until the end of 2024 of aid for maintaining employment with the RSA-salary accumulation having already concerned 1,100 people, support for food banks of 300,000 euros and the continuation of the Solidarités Côte-d’Or contract currently endowed with one million euros co-financed equally with the State.

“Concerns” about the “territorial divide”

“I confirm our resolute desire to continue investing in future strategies (…) which contribute to the attractiveness of the department,” continues the centrist, who notes “a territorial divide” marking rural and peri-urban areas.

At the same time, other “considerable” issues concern the consequences of climate change and access to water.

In this “context of concern for our country”, “our Department intends to remain very present and active to respond locally to the problems expressed by our fellow citizens”, assures the president of the community.

The “happy interlude” of the Tour de France

However, François Sauvadet welcomes the “happy interlude” provided by the passage of the Tour de France during “three historic days”, allowing for “considerable benefits”, in economic terms and in terms of notoriety, linked in particular to overnight stays and related consumption as well as to television coverage rebroadcast in 190 countries.

The President of the Department underlines the “magnificent sprint” in Dijon, accompanied by “the enthusiasm of several tens of thousands of people”, a “fantastic arrival at [Gevrey-Chambertin]» followed by a departure to Semur-en-Auxois.

“In Dijon, it’s historic, the three constituencies are swinging to the left,” rejoices Nathalie Koenders.

Christophe Avena (PS) having been excused, Nathalie Koenders (PS) spoke on behalf of the opposition group Côte-d’Or Terres d’avenir and moved on to the subject of the Tour de France, also hailing “a fine finish” in Dijon.

On the political level, “thanks to the republican withdrawal which honours those who respected it”, the socialist is delighted that “the extreme right will not have the majority in the National Assembly”.

“In Dijon, it’s historic, the three constituencies are swinging to the left, the social, democratic and ecological left that we support,” declared Nathalie Koenders, who congratulated Catherine Hervieu in particular.

In this “uncertain period”, the socialist is now calling for the formation of “a broad national coalition” to avoid “a situation of political deadlock”.

Nathalie Koenders notes “a divide between cities and the countryside”

“We must also listen to the anger of the French, (…) understand their fear and offer them appropriate responses, a vision of hope and a realistic and tolerant project,” she claims. “We can also notice a divide between cities and the countryside in the results, whether at the local or national level. In this context, the role of local elected officials, who are anchored in their territory, is essential. (…) We have a duty to continue working in the interests of the Côte-d’Oriennes and Côte-d’Oriens, especially since solidarity is at the heart of departmental action.”

These will be the only political interventions directly concerning the consequences of the legislative elections, with the elected representatives continuing with the examination of the reports on the agenda.

Jean-Christophe Tardivon

“Those who control water and data have the power for tomorrow,” summarizes François Sauvadet

François Sauvadet, President of the Côte-d’Or Departmental Council

Nathalie Koenders, Dijon elected representative of the Côte-d’Or Terres d’avenir opposition group



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