Compiègne. Brassens: “We must be pleased with the RN’s poor results”

Compiègne. Brassens: “We must be pleased with the RN’s poor results”
Compiègne. Brassens: “We must be pleased with the RN’s poor results”

It is to a warm welcome that Bertrand Brassens passes through the doors of the café Le Rétro in Compiègne. In the second round of the legislative elections, Brassens only obtained 44.24% of the votes against the RN Frédéric-Pierre Vos (elected), and is grateful and optimistic.

After his entrance, Brassens launched into a speech aimed at thanking what had been done in recent months during his election campaign, but he also pointed out what remained to be done for the future. “I am very happy with the results at the national level,” begins Brassens. However, he deplores a significant number of voters who did not go to vote. “They are outside the democratic game, they do not feel concerned,” he continues.

Brassens after the results of the legislative elections, at the café Le Rétro. Photo: Oise Hebdo

Relief at the national level…but not regionally

Véronique Bleuse, unemployed, who came to support Brassens at the Rétro, regrets the RN’s score in the department: “I am relieved at the national level, but not at the Oise level. I have been fighting against the extreme right for 40 years and seeing a government of this party come into being is just not possible” she notes. For Patrice Blanchard, retired, the results in his town, Lacroix-Saint-Ouen are to be deplored “it’s catastrophic, two out of three residents voted RN, yet it’s a rather calm town. I have supported Bertrand for years, he deserved more than that”, he notes. In his town, Bertrand Brassens came out with 42.54%, against 57.46% for Frédéric-Pierre Vos.

A “united” left

To support Brassens, Selim Rauer, LFI coordinator in Compiègne, was also present yesterday evening. For him, it is a “huge disappointment since Brassens was really the candidate who had the possibility of uniting as many people as possible and defending the new program of the New Popular Front.” “Now,” he continues, “we will digest it but, now, there is a united left in Compiègne where LFI will have an important role to play.”

Veronique Bleuse
Patrice Blanchard
Selim Rauer, LFI coordinator in Compiègne.

Brassens is pleased with the results despite his defeat. In his constituency, he won “two thirds of the votes in Compiègne Sud for the Marini-RN tandem,” he says. “What made me lose was the rural people,” he continues. He also reminds us that “we must be able to come together because what unites us is much more important than what divides us.” Bertrand Brassens is now thinking about the municipal elections.

Bertrand Brassens poses with his supporters near the Rétro, the café he chose as his HQ.


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