The New Popular Front leaves with the same three deputies in Haute-Vienne

Return to the Assembly for Manon Meunier, Damien Maudet and Stéphane Delautrette. The three outgoing LFI and PS were re-elected. A victory that should not hide the rise in the RN vote.

How many constituencies was the RN going to win this Sunday evening after the second round of legislative elections in Haute-Vienne?

This was the question on everyone’s lips between the two rounds of voting, when two constituencies offered a three-way race and where RN candidates could hope to win.

Finally, the department will not send any National Rally MP to the Palais Bourbon. The three outgoing candidates managed to keep their seats, after a suspenseful period. Even Manon Meunier, who could have seemed to be in difficulty, is ahead of Albin Freychet by some 2,000 votes.

A result which does not live up to the expectations of the Marinist party but which can be satisfied with a historic breakthrough in its results.

Maudet keeps the first

The 1st constituency, a land of the left, did not deviate from its habits. Damien Maudet (NFP-LFI) was re-elected with 4,313 votes more than his competitor Camille Dos Santos de Oliveira (RN).

The re-elected MP gained 3,442 votes compared to the first round, while the candidate of the nationalist party gained 1,496 votes. Conversely, Isabelle Négrier, candidate for the Republican Alternative, lost 2,090 votes between the two rounds of voting.

Where did these votes go? It is difficult to say, given that 2,500 additional voters turned out in the constituency. The Republican camp’s gamble to maintain its position has in any case failed.

2nd for Delautrette

Stéphane Delautrette, outgoing PS deputy, was, for his part, re-elected quite easily with 56.06% of the votes. He is ahead of Sabrina Minguet (RN) by some 7,928 votes.

Stéphane Delautrette benefited fully from the transfer of votes from Marie-Eve Tayot, the only Alternative Republican candidate to have withdrawn between the two rounds. The socialist gained 11,159 votes, or nearly two-thirds of the votes received by the elected representative from Limoges during the first round.

The 3rd remains at LFI

It was certainly in the 3rd constituency that the vote was the most uncertain. But Manon Meunier, outgoing NFP-LFI MP, finally ensured her re-election. She even managed to gain 3,601 votes between the two rounds at the end of a campaign where her support was everywhere. She is ahead of Albin Freychet by 2,103 votes.

Given as the favorite, the Marinist regional councilor managed to capture 1,682 more votes than in the first round. A sign that the RN had almost won all the votes in the first round. Gilles Toulza paid a high price for his continued presence. He lost 2,200 votes compared to the first round. His presence this Sunday probably marked the victory of the NFP.

One thing remains: rural areas voted largely for the National Rally candidates. The party even obtained a historic score, as Albin Freychet, candidate for the 3rd constituency and delegate, pointed out. A vote that reveals the malaise in the countryside and the feeling of being distant from decision-making centres, but also the problems of populations faced with closure.

Olivier Chapperon



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