LEGISLATIVE Pierre Meurin hands down, in the fourth constituency

The National Rally candidate was re-elected this Sunday evening with 57.64% of the votes in the fourth constituency, an expected result. He notably achieved a significant score in Pont-Saint-Esprit, obtaining 61.55% of the votes.

He seems unbeatable. With the wind in his sails or against it, Pierre Meurin seems unstoppable. Elected deputy for the fourth constituency of Gard in 2022, the outgoing deputy presented himself with enthusiasm, ready to defend his two-year record. Never, at least in public, did he seem to doubt. His campaign between the two rounds was relatively discreet, but he once again imposed himself against Arnaud Bord, the candidate of the New Popular Front, as in 2022…

Defend its record

That the campaign in the fourth constituency was particularly tense. The tone had been set on June 24 on our set of the Club Objectif Gard, where Pierre Meurin, during the debate, directly attacked Arnaud Bord from the introduction, normally reserved for presentations. Meurin, who had already faced Bord in 2022 in the second round of the same legislative elections, launched: “I will immediately get into the sensitive issues, and I, having been elected for 2 years, am wondering about the alliance that you have formed with the far left.” With this frontal attack, he kicked off his campaign. This is how Pierre Meurin distinguished himself: incisive in order to better defend himself, he chose this strategy to lead his campaign.

A campaign that he led with unwavering confidence. Convinced that his record deserved to be valued, Meurin made it one of the central axes of his strategy. While the opposition mocked his lack of presence on the ground and in the National Assembly, the outgoing MP responded with figures that are now emblematic in the fourth constituency: he claims to have personally met two thirds of the mayors and made more than 700 trips to the field, ranking among the top 25 MPs for the number of amendments tabled out of the 577 in the Assembly, and speaking in 51st position among his colleagues. Pierre Meurin, such was his record as an MP, and he promised to continue on this path in the event of a new election.

Pierre Meurin hoped to see Jordan Bardella at Matignon. • Photo DR

A campaign conducted between intensity and strategy

Confident to the point of believing that he could qualify in the first round by eliminating Arnaud Bord, Nadia El Okki and Jérôme Garcia, Pierre Meurin did not hide his hope of benefiting from a national dynamic particularly favorable to the National Rally. However, although the first round was a real tidal wave for his party, he was unable to avoid the second and found himself facing Arnaud Bord, in a clash between two radically opposed political visions and strategies. With his local roots in many rural communities, particularly around Pont-Saint-Esprit, Pierre Meurin was banking on this implantation to strengthen his lead in the second round against a determined Arnaud Bord, who intensified his presence on the markets, during republican rallies, and benefited from the support of figures such as Raphaël Glucksmann, Chloé Ridel, Carole Delga and Olivier Faure during the week between the two rounds. Pierre Meurin’s strategy – although not assumed – also aimed to keep himself as far away as possible from the controversies surrounding the National Rally deputies this week, while consolidating his position in the National Assembly in the hope of participating in an absolute majority to govern the country.

“I benefit from the work I have done during these two years of mandate because I have been on the ground all the time, accessible and simple. People have also adhered to the personality that is mine.”

Pierre Meurin, MP for the fourth constituency of Gard

Meurin, the unshakeable

After a week marked by sharp exchanges between Arnaud Bord and Pierre Meurin, the two candidates continued to confront each other, including a few hours before the start of the duty of reserve, on the social network X. The results at 8pm this Sunday seem to cast a veil of uncertainty over the outcome of the vote. At the time of the first national estimates, while Arnaud Bord obtained a favorable score in the polling stations in Alès, astonishing Max Roustan, the mayor, and delighting Paul Planque, an elected member of the opposition, the first trends in favor of the candidate of the New Popular Front soon began to emerge more clearly. In Rousson, for example, Arnaud Bord accumulated 400 additional votes between the two elections, a feat, while Pierre Meurin only slightly increased his number of votes in the commune. While the Union of the Left triumphed on the national level, Arnaud Bord quickly realized that defeat was looming and that he would have to bow out once again to his opponent. Too strong.

Pierre Meurin this Sunday morning. • Louis Valat

“I have the satisfaction of having resisted this pseudo republican front and of being re-elected by a large margin,” says Pierre Meurin, who obtained 57.64% of the votes and thus celebrates a large victory. However, he does not hide his disappointment at finding himself, as he has been since 2022, within a minority group in the National Assembly, the third place obtained at the national level in terms of seats this Sunday evening not allowing him to achieve his initial objectives. “I would have liked Jordan Bardella to have access to Matignon and for Marine Le Pen to chair a majority group in the National Assembly, but this is not the case. We take note of this,” he acknowledges. His re-election was experienced in mixed tones, although it was part of the grand slam of the six RN candidates elected out of six in the Gard.

For his part, Arnaud Bord prefers to emphasize his ” pride ” pour “all those who fought to give people hope” : “It is at the national level that satisfaction comes. Here, my little candidacy almost desperate in the first round, but we did the work and we have nothing to be ashamed of. This will not be the last adventure,” he assures, highlighting his notable progress compared to 2022 in terms of votes. Indeed, whether the issues are municipal or legislative, Arnaud Bord’s territorial anchoring must be highlighted, as must that of Pierre Meurin. Both have engaged in an intense battle during this “express” campaign, often within the limits of mutual respect, but with relentless determination on both sides, field work to be honored. And in the end, it is the outgoing MP who wins…


Pierre Meurin

National Rally


Arnaud Bord

Socialist Party – NFP


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