On the Old Port, thousands of Marseillais celebrate the victory of the New Popular Front

The history of the victories of the left in Marseille will remember that it was the militants of the Communist Youth (JC) – “we are marxist leninists” – who were the first to arrive at the bottom of the Canebière, soon followed by waves of young people displaying their joy.”Tonight (Sunday, July 7), fascism is defeated“, said Adeline, who came with her friend Yasmine. The words are probably a bit strong, but what was expressed was the relief of having reversed the predictions that promised the National Rally (RN), since it is about them, a large victory, a month ago on the evening of the European elections.

The surprise at the end of this electoral blitz was such that beyond the real demonstrations of joy, the clapping to the tune of “we are all antifascists“, which has become essential, and the slogan “the youth is annoying the National Front“, forty years old, it was difficult to discern a guiding principle for this gathering. But for them, it was above all a question of taking a deep breath together.”I lived through this period holding my breath” said a young woman.

The difficult things actually start now, nothing is very clear“, summarized Delphine Tournay and Thierry Coulbois. What political configuration and who will govern the country? Dressed in red, the couple who vote in the 1st constituency “engaged“, during the campaign”in the citizen reserve of the New Popular Front“, leading this campaign of explanation which undoubtedly played an important role in the reversal of the forecasts.”The fifteen proposals of the NFP must be implementedthey said, citing in particular, “the increase in the minimum wage and the repeal of the pension reform“. It remains to find a majority to pass these measures, in an Assembly where none emerges.”It’s true, it’s going to be difficult. We’re entering the unknown.“, they acknowledged.

The shared fear appeared to be a division within the NFP, as four activists from the New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA) explained: “Socialists, communists and Greens must be prevented from joining a coalition around Macron“. This was summed up by the activists of the New Popular Front from the La Plaine-Cours-Julien sector, all in nose rings and ear stretchers, who arrived grouped around a flag.”LGBTQIA+ inclusive“, whose spokesperson, Hugo Dervillers, promised: “We’re going to shake them up“.



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