Result of the 2024 legislative elections in Anglet (64600) – 2nd round [PUBLIE]

Result of the 2024 legislative elections in Anglet (64600) – 2nd round [PUBLIE]
Result of the 2024 legislative elections in Anglet (64600) – 2nd round [PUBLIE]

23:04 – What is the verdict for the Popular Front following these legislative elections?

What proportion of French people will vote for the New Popular Front, combining the rebels, socialists, environmentalists, communists and others, and given as closer to the RN in the latest polls just before this second round? The 28.06% of ballots gleaned nationwide are encouraging. At the end of the first round of the legislative elections, the Popular Front duo for its part accumulated 27.1% of the votes in Anglet. A figure to be refined nevertheless with the 22.12% of the Nupes in the first round in 2022 or the 27% of left-wing voters in the first round of the presidential election, i.e. the cumulative scores from Mélenchon to Hidalgo. It will now be necessary to reach 38.69% to do better than its result of 2022 in the second round.

20:58 – The National Rally in Anglet, a favorite in the legislative elections?

At the local level, the RN’s result in the legislative elections will be closely watched. The RN’s progress is already solid in Anglet, between the nationalist party’s score in 2022 (12.43%) and the one it obtained on June 30 in the first round (25.96%), of the order of 13 points. But the evolution should be even more significant in the second round of these 2024 legislative elections, with projections in terms of the number of deputies giving the RN an increase of nearly 130 to 160 seats compared to the previous election of deputies (89 seats). Enough to announce a lasting establishment of the party in the city, whatever the result this Sunday, July 7.

20:29 – A majority bloc still favorite in the second round?

The question now is whether the trend in the second round will be similar to that of 2022 or not. During the last legislative elections, Florence Lasserre also won in the first round in the commune of Anglet, collecting 39.83% of the votes on site. In the commune of Anglet, it is ultimately a majority La République en Marche that will be chosen at the end of the second round, with 61.31% against 38.69% for the opponent Nouvelle union populaire écologique et sociale. A victory, therefore, for Florence Lasserre in the locality.

8:05 p.m. – Florence Lasserre (Together! – Presidential Majority) in the lead during the legislative elections in Anglet

According to the latest projections released since the first round, the RN-LR alliance should secure between 210 and 250 deputies at the end of the legislative elections. The union of La France insoumise, the Socialist Party, Europe Ecologie and the Communist Party could win nearly 200 seats. For their part, the Macronist candidates could maintain up to 120 seats. Local habits will of course have to be taken into account. With 32.3% of the ballots, Florence Lasserre (Presidential Majority) took the lead in Anglet, Sunday June 30, 2024 on the occasion of the first round of the legislative elections. Colette Capdevielle (Popular Front) and Serge Rosso (National Rally) followed, collecting, in order, 27.1% and 25.96% of the voters. The 5th constituency of Pyrénées-Atlantiques, however, did not take quite the same course as the city, since it was Colette Capdevielle who won there, with 32.3% ahead of Serge Rosso with 27.54% and Florence Lasserre with 26.63%.

19:21 – In Anglet, participation in the first round exceeds that of the Europeans

How do voters in this urban area usually vote? The first round of the 2024 legislative elections in Anglet saw a turnout of 72.16%, 16 points higher than the last European elections. At the beginning of June, at the time of the European elections, among the 33,234 people of voting age in Anglet, 56.25% had gone to vote. Turnout was 54.83% during the 2019 European elections. On a French-wide scale, turnout was already examined four weeks ago. It stood at 19.8% at 12 noon and 45.3% at 5 p.m.

18:35 – In Anglet, the participation figures for the second round will be a key element

The turnout rate is a decisive factor in the legislative elections. Anglet residents participated in the first round of the 2024 legislative elections at a rate of 72.16%. As a reminder, the turnout in the 2022 legislative elections was 51.59% in the first round and 50.45% in the second round. What will happen tonight in Anglet? For the second round of the last presidential election, the turnout percentage was 75.27% in the urban area, compared with a turnout of 77.36% in the first round, i.e. 25,306 people.

17:29 – Demographic analysis of the legislative elections in Anglet

In the midst of a legislative election campaign, Anglet presents itself as a dynamic and active municipality. With its 41,153 inhabitants, this cosmopolitan city reflects the cultural wealth of contemporary France. The socio-economic variety can be seen in its 4,990 companies, whose activity is supported by a family fabric of 28,511 tax households. In the city, 27% of residents are aged 0 to 29, and 12.86% are elderly, which could have an effect on the orientations of measures regarding education and health. The 1,342 foreign residents, representing 3.33% of the population, contribute to this cultural plurality. Despite an unemployment rate of 12.43%, the municipality reveals an average monthly net salary of 2,500.2 euros per month, reflecting a certain level of prosperity. Anglet embodies the vitality and authenticity of a country in full transformation.

16:59 – The 2nd round is underway in Anglet!

The second round of the legislative elections is currently taking place in Anglet. This vote is to designate the 577 parliamentarians of the Legislative Assembly elected for five years. The previous legislative elections took place in June 2022. They followed the presidential election of April 2022 where the outgoing president, Emmanuel Macron, was elected for a second term. Among the forces still present in the 5th constituency of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, who will manage to convince the greatest number of voters in the city? Also note that the opening hours of the 33 polling stations in Anglet are as follows: from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. continuously. The results of the second round in Anglet will be published here from 8 p.m.



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