Result of the 2024 legislative elections in Saumur (49400) – 2nd round [PUBLIE]

Result of the 2024 legislative elections in Saumur (49400) – 2nd round [PUBLIE]
Result of the 2024 legislative elections in Saumur (49400) – 2nd round [PUBLIE]

21:17 – Who will the Nupes supporters in Saumur move to?

How much will the New Popular Front, representing LFI, the PS, EELV, or even the PCF, and announced increasingly closer to the National Rally by pollsters just before this second round, do? The 28.06% of the ballots displayed at the national level are a first clue. The sum of the votes is not negligible. During the first round of the Parliament elections last week, in Saumur, the Popular Front for its part gathered 21.19% of the votes in all 2 constituencies covering the city. A performance to be refined with the 21.87% of the Nupes in the first round in 2022 or the 22% of left-wing voters in the first round of the presidential election, i.e. the cumulative scores from Mélenchon to Hidalgo.

20:58 – 16 points won in 2 years by the extreme right in Saumur

The number of votes in favor of the National Rally will be a major lesson for this 2024 legislative election at the local level, as in the rest of France. The RN has already gained 16 points at the local level between its share of votes in the 2022 legislative elections (first round) and the equivalent in 2024. A nice package of votes. Enough to foresee a lasting installation of the party in the locality, and this whatever happens this Sunday, July 7.

20:29 – A favorable second round for the Macronist clan two years ago

At the local level as in the rest of France, the RN’s result in these 2024 legislative elections will thus be widely discussed. Can the RN win this time in Saumur, unlike in 2022? The National Rally had, however, been beaten in the first round of the legislative elections at the time in Saumur, with an average of 17.32%, while the LREM candidates obtained 36.40% of the vote. In the second round again, the first local rank went to the LREM-stamped competitors with 62.66% against 37.89% for the losers. The winners of the election in the city were therefore this time Anne-Laure Blin (LR) in the 3rd constituency with 60.28% and Laëtitia Saint-Paul (ENS) in the 4th constituency with 62.66%.

20:05 – An RN already favorite in the second round

According to pollster surveys made public just before the second round, the RN-LR alliance would be likely to secure between 210 and 250 deputies at the end of the legislative elections. The alliance of La France insoumise, the Socialist Party and their allies could get their hands on up to 200 seats. For their part, the candidates of the centrist bloc could maintain up to 120 seats. However, local specificities should be taken into account. The National Rally candidates collected, if we look at the vote of the inhabitants of Saumur, 33.81% of the votes, in the 2 constituencies that group the agglomeration, on June 30, on the occasion of the first round of the legislative elections. They preceded the candidates Ensemble! and Front populaire who received, in order, 32.36% and 21.19% of the voters. In detail, the leading candidates in the city were Edouard Bourgeault (RN) in the 3rd constituency with 36.28% and Laëtitia Saint-Paul (ENS) in the 4th constituency with 35.87%. At the constituency level, we also found Edouard Bourgeault in the 3rd with 37.84% and Aurore Lahondès in the 4th with 34.9%.

19:21 – 2024 legislative elections in Saumur: an unprecedented turnout?

How do the inhabitants of this urban area usually vote? On June 30, 66.75% of Saumur voters participated in the first round of the 2024 legislative elections, a figure 14 points higher than that of the last European elections. During the previous European elections, among the 18,620 registered voters in Saumur, 52.96% went to the polling booth, compared to a participation rate of 52.61% in 2019. On a national scale, participation was already examined a week ago. It stood at 25.90% at noon and 59.39% at 5 p.m. for the first round.

6:35 p.m. – Will participation be maintained in Saumur during the second round of legislative elections?

The level of participation is undeniably one of the main factors in the legislative election. In the municipality, the turnout in the first round of the 2024 legislative elections was 66.75%. As a reminder, the turnout in the 2022 legislative elections was 48.49% in the first round and 46.14% in the second round. What will happen tonight in Saumur? Two years ago, during the first round of the last presidential election, out of the 19,112 registered voters in the municipality, 71.42% went to vote. The turnout was 72.19% in the second round, or 13,800 people. The idea of ​​experiencing a historic moment in political life is, for example, capable of bringing the citizens of Saumur (49400) back to the voting booths.

17:29 – Saumur and legislative elections: demography, economy and electoral choices

The demographic and socio-economic composition of Saumur determines the concerns and interests of voters, thus influencing the outcome of the legislative elections. The age pyramid could have an effect on political priorities in terms of education and health. In the urban area, 31% of residents are aged 0 to 29, and 31.74% are over 60. An average net monthly salary of 2,086.52 euros per month shows the importance of questions on quality of life in the surveys of the 9,269 citizens with a voter card. The number of single-parent families (18.19%) reveals imperatives for social support, and the rate of employees on fixed-term contracts (14.31%) highlights issues of job security. Education figures for Saumur highlight a diversity of qualifications, with 14.73% of residents holding only a baccalaureate, highlighting the need for in-depth reflection on the country’s education and employment policies.

16:59 – Until what time can you vote in Saumur?

To do their electoral duty, the inhabitants of the city can go to the polling booth until 6 p.m., closing times of the 19 polling stations in Saumur. Check the results of the second round of these early legislative elections in Saumur on this page. 2 constituencies make up the city and bring together the remaining candidates for this second round of voting, this Sunday. Once again, there are two rounds to choose between the candidacies of the different political unions in Saumur, as in most of the municipalities in the country. A few hours before the closing of the polling stations, don’t forget to go to the polls.



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