Result of the 2024 legislative elections in Limoges (87000) – 2nd round [PUBLIE]

Result of the 2024 legislative elections in Limoges (87000) – 2nd round [PUBLIE]
Result of the 2024 legislative elections in Limoges (87000) – 2nd round [PUBLIE]

21:17 – In the second round, a score of 55.22% for the left two years ago

Another uncertainty that accompanies these elections is that of the result of the left after the creation of the New Popular Front for these legislative elections. The bloc gathered 28.06% of the votes at the national level last Sunday, or about 2.5 points more than the Nupes two years ago. The lead seems significant. During the first round of the parliamentary elections last Sunday, in Limoges, the Popular Front gathered 41.28% of the votes if we take into account all 3 constituencies of the city, a score higher than its national result. It has therefore made the left progress compared to the 36.03% of the Nupes in the first round in 2022. It remains to be seen whether the left will achieve its result of 2022 in the second round, or 55.22% at the time.

20:58 – How far can the Rally go in the second round of the legislative elections in Limoges?

The rise of the RN will have been much stronger in France between the last two legislative elections than between the last two European elections. The progression of the RN is already strong in Limoges between the score of the party in 2022 (14.99%) and the one it obtained on June 30 in the first round (27.31%), of the order of 13 points. But this could be even more significant in the second round of these 2024 legislative elections, the polls giving the RN a score opening the way to nearly 250 seats in the whole country, much more than the 89 at the time. Enough to envisage a solid anchoring of the party there, and this whatever the result this Sunday, July 7.

20:05 – What can last Sunday’s scores predict for Limoges?

During the first round of the legislative elections on Sunday, June 30, the citizens of Limoges, in all constituencies, voted in favor of the New Popular Front candidates, who received 41.28% of the votes of all voters in the city. They beat the National Rally and Ensemble! candidates, who received, in order, 27.31% and 17.96% of the voters. In detail, the city thus offered the best places to Damien Maudet (UG) in the 1st constituency with 42.37%, Stéphane Delautrette (UG) in the 2nd constituency with 38.94% and Manon Meunier (UG) in the 3rd constituency with 41.2%. Regarding the vote in the constituencies, we also found Damien Maudet in the lead in the 1st with 36.94%, Sabrina Minguet in the 2nd with 36.86% and Manon Meunier in the 3rd with 35.18%.

19:21 – And what about abstention in relation to the European elections in Limoges?

Observing the results of previous democratic consultations is an opportunity to gain a more precise understanding of the vote of the inhabitants of this city. On June 30, 31.74% of Limoges voters abstained in the first round of the 2024 legislative elections, a figure lower than that of the last European elections. At the beginning of June, during the European elections, among the 74,309 registered voters in Limoges, 46.67% actually stayed at home. The abstention rate was 47.64% during the 2019 election. Proportionally, at the national level, the abstention rate for the 2024 European elections reached 49% during the single round of voting, better than in 2019.

18:35 – In Limoges, the participation figures for the second round will be a key element

In Limoges, one of the keys to the legislative elections is undeniably the scale of abstention. In the city, abstention for the first round of the 2024 legislative elections reached 31.74%. Two years ago, during the first round of the last presidential election, the abstention percentage represented 25.3% of the city’s voters, compared with an abstention of 29.95% in the second round. In comparison, the abstention rate for the 2022 legislative elections reached 50.74% in the first round and 52.11% in the second round. Distrust of politicians would likely impact the participation rate in Limoges.

17:29 – Legislative elections in Limoges: impact of demographics and the local economy

Halfway through the legislative elections, Limoges is teeming with diversity and activities. With its 129,760 inhabitants, this city presents itself as a symbol of openness. With 8,872 companies, Limoges positions itself as a breeding ground for innovation and entrepreneurship. In the city, 14.3% of residents are aged 0 to 14, and 9.08% are 75 and over, which could affect political priorities regarding education and health. Limoges forms a diverse community, with its 14,415 foreign residents, or 11.04% of its population, contributing to the social and cultural wealth of the city. With an average income per tax household of €23,052 per year, the city has an unemployment rate of 17.21%, synonymous with a mixed economic situation. In Limoges, where those under 30 represent 39% of the population, the elections are the promise of a shared and flourishing future.

16:59 – At what time do the 86 polling stations in Limoges close?

The 86 polling stations in the city of Limoges are accessible from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. to allow residents to make a decision. This Sunday, July 7, 2024, the 75,485 voters in Limoges are called to the polls for the second round of the legislative elections, crucial for establishing the composition of the National Assembly for the coming years. The previous legislative elections took place in June 2022. They followed the presidential election of April 2022 where the President of the Republic won against Marine Le Pen. Among the three major forces present, who of the New Popular Front (LFI, PS, Ecologists, Communists…), the far-right bloc, and the majority coalition will win in the second round in Limoges? To vote, make sure you have an official ID with you.



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