Legislative: François Ruffin announces his re-election in the Somme: News

MP François Ruffin, who has broken with La France Insoumise and is supported by the New Popular Front, announced his re-election in the 1st constituency of the Somme on Sunday from the small town of Flixecourt, after making up for the significant deficit he has lost to his RN competitor.

Macronist candidate Albane Branlant, who came third, decided to withdraw on the evening of the first round “in the face of the risk” of the RN.

“We won, not only here but also in the country,” said François Ruffin, who was seven points behind after the first round against Nathalie Ribeiro Billet (RN).

With 98% of the votes counted, he obtained 52.9% of the votes.

“Four weeks ago we were in sorrow, on the edge of the ravine, we had a left in pieces,” recalled the former journalist. “So we threw to the parties ‘be united’, we threw to the parties ‘popular front’, as if to warm ourselves in the fire of our history and like our elders of 1936 we came out on top (…) and this evening hope is reborn” rejoiced Mr. Ruffin.

A free agent within the LFI movement, the leader of the micro-party Picardie Debout stated on Thursday that his place would no longer be in the La France Insoumise group in the Assembly if he were re-elected.

“It’s wonderful! What a relief!” says Haydée Leblanc, a Picardie debout activist from Abbeville, her eyes reddened by a few tears of joy, with a big smile, from François Ruffin’s HQ, after having experienced a “very, very, very tough” campaign, where she was confronted with the anger of the voters.

Behind her apple-green glasses, Dorothée Farcy also shared her emotion: “It was unexpected,” she said.



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