Result of the 2024 legislative elections in Chelles (77500) – 2nd round [PUBLIE]

Result of the 2024 legislative elections in Chelles (77500) – 2nd round [PUBLIE]
Result of the 2024 legislative elections in Chelles (77500) – 2nd round [PUBLIE]

21:17 – A left-wing bloc estimated at between 42.28% and 43% in Chelles for these legislative elections

Will the left-wing electorate remain loyal to the Popular Front this Sunday or turn to another candidate? The bloc won 28.06% of the vote nationally last Sunday, while Nupes won more than 25.6% two years ago. At the end of the first round of the Assembly elections last Sunday in Chelles, the Popular Front duo won 42.28% of the votes in the commune. A figure that has significantly increased by 8 points compared to that of Nupes in the first round of 2022. It will now need to reach 53.45% to match its result in 2022 in the second round.

20:58 – National Rally: what was the result of the last legislative elections in Chelles?

The number of RN ballots will be a major lesson at the local level for this legislative election. The National Front party is even credited with 210 to 250 seats in France, or about 150 more than two years ago. Enough to anticipate a new progression in Chelles this Sunday, July 7? The calculation is a little easy, but logical given the progression of the movement on the ground. In just two years, between the legislative elections in 2022 and 2024, the RN has already gained 12 points in the municipality.

20:29 – Data from the last elections, an indicator for the 2024 legislative elections in Chelles?

The question now is whether the trend in the second round will be similar to that of 2022 or not. At the time in Chelles, during the elections for deputies, the score was 34.63% for Maxime Laisney, Chelles already voting for the 10th constituency of Seine-et-Marne. Chelles will also choose Maxime Laisney in the second round, finally in first place locally with 53.45%, ahead of the opponent Ensemble! (Presidential Majority) at 46.55%.

8:05 p.m. – The left’s result already decisive this evening in Chelles

With 42.28% of the vote, Maxime Laisney (Popular Front) took pole position in Chelles on Sunday, June 30, during the first round of the legislative elections. Pryscillia Brach (National Rally) and Michel Colas (The Republicans) followed with 25.1% and 14.09% of voters respectively across the metropolitan area. It was also Maxime Laisney who finished this first round in pole position for all voters in the constituency, this time with 43.94%, ahead of Pryscillia Brach with 22.64% and Stéphanie Do with 14.5%.

19:21 – Elections in Chelles: what lessons can be learned from the participation rates?

Looking at the results of previous elections is an opportunity to get an idea of ​​how voters in this urban area will vote. In Chelles, the abstention rate in the first round of the 2024 legislative elections was 38.13%, lower than that of the last European elections. A few weeks ago, at the time of the previous European elections, the abstention rate actually reached 54.83% of those registered on the electoral lists of Chelles (77), compared with an abstention rate of 58.13% during the 2019 election. For information, at the national level, the abstention rate for the 2024 European elections was 48.51% during the single round of voting, i.e. 1 point less than in 2019.

18:35 – Could a drop in participation impact the result in the second round in Chelles?

The turnout rate is undoubtedly one of the main criteria for the 2024 legislative elections. The abstention rate for the first round of the 2024 legislative elections in Chelles was 38.13%. As a reminder, the abstention rate for the 2022 legislative elections was 58.82% in the first round and 59.17% in the second round. In the second round of the last presidential election, out of the 33,025 people of voting age in the city, 34.17% stayed at home, compared to an abstention rate of 27.8% in the first round. Studies show that abstention is usually higher among young people, can this state of affairs be reversed for the legislative elections in Chelles?

17:29 – Electoral dynamics in Chelles: a socio-demographic analysis

In the context of the legislative election campaign, Chelles is perceived as a dynamic and lively city. With its 54,309 inhabitants, this town presents itself as a symbol of openness. The socio-economic plurality is observed in its 4,150 companies, whose activity is supported by a family network of 32,195 tax households. The rate of families owning at least one car (72.38%) shows the importance of transport and environmental issues in the concerns of voters. The foreign population of 8,475 people promotes a valuable cultural openness. Within this social diversity, 48.13% of families are made up of couples with children. The debt per capita, amounting to €1,077.78, overwhelms a city that aspires to a prosperous future. In Chelles, where those under 30 represent 39% of the population, the elections symbolize the opportunity for a flourishing future for all.

16:59 – At what time do the legislative elections end?

On this election day, Chelles voters already voted four weeks ago, in the European elections that led to the dissolution of the National Assembly. In 2022, during the previous legislative elections, the New Ecological and Social Popular Union was awarded 131 seats in the Chamber, while Jordan Bardella’s party won 89. This election is the perfect time for extremist candidates to distinguish themselves among the city’s residents. Remember that the opening hours of Chelles’ 31 polling stations are as follows: from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. continuously. This page will display the results in Chelles from 8 p.m.



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