Result of the 2024 legislative elections in Le Havre (76600) – 2nd round [PUBLIE]

Result of the 2024 legislative elections in Le Havre (76600) – 2nd round [PUBLIE]
Result of the 2024 legislative elections in Le Havre (76600) – 2nd round [PUBLIE]

21:34 – Full results in Le Havre: Horizons wins

In Le Havre, the results are now complete. Edouard Philippe’s party Horizons wins with 36.58% of the vote, ahead of the RN (32.48%) and the NFP (30.94%). Agnès Firmin Le Bodo is therefore elected.

21:27 – Will the New Popular Front take advantage of the votes of Nupes in Le Havre?

With more than 28% of the vote nationwide at the end of the first round of the legislative elections last Sunday, the Popular Front did better than the union of left-wing parties in 2022 at the same stage. A performance that could put it in a position to challenge the RN’s dominance in the second round. The total is not negligible. During the first round of the Assembly elections last week, in Le Havre, the Popular Front for its part gathered 37.46% of the votes on average in the 2 constituencies covering the city. A figure that has not really climbed compared to the 36.9% of the Nupes in the first round in 2022. We will see tonight whether or not the left has exceeded its score of 2022 in the second round, i.e. 52.31% at the time.

21:27 – Discover the latest partial results in the 2nd and 4th constituencies of Seine-Maritime

The results continue to come in throughout the evening. For the 2nd and 4th constituencies in Seine-Maritime, the figures are as follows:

2nd constituency of Seine-Maritime:

  • Annie Vidal (ENS) : 59.92 %
  • Vanessa Lancelot (RN) : 40.08 %

4th constituency of Seine-Maritime:

  • Alma Dufour (UG) : 52.51 %
  • Guillaume Pennelle (RN) : 47.49 %

21:11 – Here are the partial results in Seine-Maritime (90% registered)

The evening continues with the refining of the results. With 90.24% of registered voters received in the department of Seine-Maritime (76):

  • RN à 44,64%
  • UG at 26.41%
  • HOR 20,26%
  • ENS 8,69%

20:59 – In Le Havre, a National Rally favorite in the second round?

At the local level, the result of the party led by Jordan Bardella in these legislative elections will be closely analyzed. The nationalist party is even credited with around 250 seats in France, or nearly 160 more than in 2022. Enough to anticipate further progress in Le Havre this Sunday, July 7? The addition is a little easy, but logical given the progress of the movement in the area. Between the situation of the first round in 2022 and that of 2024, the RN has already gained 12.19 points in the municipality.

20:43 – Results are becoming clearer in Seine-Maritime

The partial results from the Ministry of the Interior indicate a victory for the RN in Seine-Maritime (47.19%), ahead of the left union (22.50%) and the presidential majority (19.65%).

20:34 – What can the 2022 legislative election scores show for Le Havre?

It remains to be seen whether the trend in the second round will be comparable or not to that of 2022. At the time, in the legislative elections, the New Popular Ecological and Social Union candidates also won in the first round in the city of Le Havre, accumulating 36.90% of the votes on site. In detail, for this first round, we thus found in the lead in the city Agnès Firmin Le Bodo (ENS) in the 7th constituency with 39.14% and Jean-Paul Lecoq (NUP) in the 8th constituency with 45.96%. In the second round again, the local victory will go to the candidates stamped LFI-PS-PC-EELV with 52.31% against 47.69% for the losers. The list of winners in the city was therefore this time Agnès Firmin Le Bodo (ENS) in the 7th constituency with 55.08% and Jean-Paul Lecoq (NUP) in the 8th constituency with 61.5%.

8:08 p.m. – Popular Front candidates in pole position in the legislative elections in Le Havre

The Union de la gauche candidates gathered, in total in Le Havre, 37.46% of the votes, all constituencies combined, Sunday June 30, 2024, for the first round of the legislative elections. The Horizons and Rassemblement National candidates followed them by collecting respectively 29.11% and 27.12% of the voters at the municipal level. In detail, the leading candidates in the city were Agnès Firmin Le Bodo (HOR) in the 7th constituency with 33.94% and Jean-Paul Lecoq (UG) in the 8th constituency with 42.85%. Concerning the vote in the constituencies, the poster was essentially the same with this time, in the first places in each of them, Agnès Firmin Le Bodo in the 7th with 34.83% and Jean-Paul Lecoq in the 8th with 42.81%.

8:00 p.m. – Discover the first seat results of the legislative elections

According to the IFOP institute, here are the first projections of the results of these 2024 legislative elections in terms of the number of seats in the National Assembly:

  • NFP 175 to 215
  • DVG et dissidents NFP 10
  • Set 150 to 170
  • RN and allies 130-160
  • LR 59-64
  • Others 5

Note that results may vary greatly between institutes.

19:09 – Abstention observed closely in Le Havre

During past electoral meetings, the 167,838 inhabitants of this agglomeration have revealed their voting preferences. In Le Havre, the abstention rate in the first round of the 2024 legislative elections reached 36.74%, lower than that of the last European elections. During the European elections in June 2024, the abstention rate had actually risen to 53.37% of those registered on the electoral lists in Le Havre (76). Abstention was 55.22% in 2019. At the level of the whole of France, participation was already examined on June 9. It reached 20% at 12 p.m. and 45% at 5 p.m.

17:59 – In Le Havre, the abstention figures for the 2nd round will be a decisive element

The abstention rate is inevitably one of the key criteria for these legislative elections. In the urban area, abstention for the first round of the 2024 legislative elections was 36.74%. As a reminder, abstention in the 2022 legislative elections was 58.15% in the first round. In the second round, 59.4% of voters did not turn out. Can we predict today’s abstention rate in Le Havre? In April 2022, during the first round of the presidential election, out of the 104,058 people of voting age in the urban area, 31.77% refused to go to the polls. The abstention rate was 33.89% in the second round. The drop in purchasing power would likely bring the citizens of Le Havre (76600) back to the polls.

17:16 – What participation at 5 p.m. in Seine-Maritime?

According to figures from the Ministry of the Interior, the turnout at 5 p.m. for this second round of the legislative election reached 67.45% in Seine-Maritime.

16:38 – Edouard Philippe voted in Le Havre

Former Prime Minister and current Mayor of Le Havre, Edouard Philippe, voted in the legislative elections this morning at his polling station in Le Havre. The leader of the Horizons party, a member of the presidential majority, will be attentive to the results of the vote, which could weaken the presidential majority in the National Assembly.

16:16 – Le Havre: when demographic data shapes the ballot boxes

The demographic diversity and socio-economic realities of Le Havre contribute to shaping the interests and concerns of residents, and therefore their impact on the legislative elections. With an unemployment rate of 20.83% and a population density of 3,671 inhabitants per km², issues relating to employment and housing are at the forefront of voters’ concerns. An average income per tax household of €22,703 per year shows the weight of issues on the standard of living in the questions of the 43,781 voters. Finally, the presence of a foreign population of 7.49% and an immigrant population of 9.71% highlights the influence of migratory flows on local demography. The student rate of 7.1% in Le Havre highlights the presence of a young and educated population that questions access to employment after studies.

15:40 – The second round is underway in Le Havre!

To vote, voters in the city are able to go to the polling booth until 6 p.m., the closing times of the 110 polling stations in Le Havre. Discover the results of the 2nd stage of these early legislative elections in Le Havre on this special page. 2 constituencies compartmentalize the city and bring together the candidates qualified for this second round of voting, this Sunday, July 7. Among the three major forces present, which of the left bloc (LFI, PS, Ecologists, PC…), the extreme right, the presidential bloc will prevail during the second round in Le Havre? To be able to vote, make sure you have an official ID with you.




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