LIVE – Legislative: Laurent Wauquiez and Jean-Pierre Vigier in the lead in Haute-Loire

The people of Altiligériens were called to go to the polls this Sunday, July 7, for the second round of the legislative elections, almost a month after the dissolution announced by Emmanuel Macron on the evening of the European elections. Follow the vote live.

Laurent Wauquiez (LR) in the lead in the 1st constituency

While the final results are not yet known, the trends at 8 p.m. place the two LR candidates in the department at the top of the poll.
According to the first results calculated on the basis of 81% of registered voters received, Laurent Wauquiez displays a provisional score of 60,61 % in the first constituency of Haute-Loire. Behind, the candidate of the National Rally, Alexandre Heuzey, is currently accumulating 39,39 % voices.

Jean-Pierre Vigier (LR) ahead of the RN in the second constituency

In the second constituency of Haute-Loire, the partial results at 8 p.m. suggest a victory for Jean-Pierre Vigier (LR). On a basis of 81% of registered voters received, the outgoing MP obtains a provisional score of 63,39 %.

He is ahead of the National Rally candidate, Suzanne Fourets, who has 36, 61% votes.

Jean-Pierre Vigier well ahead in Brioude

In the sub-prefecture of Brioude, the largest commune in the second constituency of Haute-Loire, Jean-Pierre Vigier (LR) is very much in the lead with 71,35 % votes against 28.65% for Suzanne Fourets (RN).


In Vorey-sur-Arzon, the commune of Cécile Gallien, Laurent Wauquiez (RN) is in the lead with 61,28 % votes cast against 38,72 % for Alexandre Heuzey.


In the second constituency, in Langeac, Jean-Pierre Vigier is in the lead with 71,69 % votes cast against Suzanne Fourets with 28,31 %.


In Yssingeaux, Laurent Wauquiez (LR) is this time more clearly ahead of Alexandre Heuzey (RN) than last week. He is in the lead with 60.74% of the votes cast against 39.26% for the RN candidate.

The results in the municipality of Laurent Wauquiez’s substitute

In La Chapelle d’Aurec, the town of Laurent Wauquiez’s substitute, Caroline Di Vincenzo, the LR candidate is in the lead with 57,48 % votes against 42,52 % for Alexandre Heuzey (RN).

The RN in the lead in this commune of Haute-Loire

In Grazac, the RN candidate once again comes out on top, as he did last week when he achieved his highest score in the first constituency. On the evening of the second round, Alexandre Heuzey once again comes out on top with 52,17 % voices against 47,83 % for Laurent Wauquiez (LR).

Celline Gacon: “He still had a close call”

After the announcement of the national results, Celline Gacon (NFP), who withdrew between the two rounds to block the RN, was quick to react: “Laurent Wauquiez was in a stronghold where he wasn’t taking many risks. But he still had a close call. The national result is that of such a great campaign and a coalition that we all wanted.”


In Blavozy, Laurent Wauquiez (LR) clearly distances Alexandre Heuzey (RN) by obtaining 67,87 % votes while the RN candidate only totals 32,12 % of the votes cast.

All results municipality by municipality

From 8 p.m., find all the results in Haute-Loire, commune by commune, on our search engine

Laurent Wauquiez takes the lead again in Saint-Romain-Lachalm

This Sunday evening, in Saint-Romain-Lachalm, Laurent Wauquiez took the lead again and totaled 52,27 % voices, just ahead of Alexandre Heuzey with 47,72 %. In terms of the number of votes, the RN candidate even lost votes in one week, going from 325 votes to 291 in the second round. The LR candidate, for his part, recovered votes and went from 237 to 356 votes. The RN candidate Alexandre Heuzey came out on top last week with 41,51 % voices.


In the second constituency, in the commune of Blanzac, Jean-Pierre Vigier (LR) comes out on top with 58,82 % of the votes cast, quite clearly ahead of Suzanne Fourets (RN) with 41,17 % voices.

Bulletin insolite !

Among the ballots of the candidates of the first constituency, the empty envelopes or those containing a blank paper, the assessors of office 401 of Puy, at the Michelet school, made an unusual discovery. “My program only videos of ducks, chicks and other birds”, could be read, on a photo printed in black and white, in a bubble above a man with glasses wearing a bob.

Wauquiez well ahead in Monistrol-sur-Loire

In the second city of the department, in Monistrol-sur-Loire, in the first constituency, Laurent Wauquiez (LR) is largely in the lead with 60,65% votes cast against 39,35% for Alexandre Heuzey (RN). Last week, the gap was much smaller with only 71 votes difference in favor of the former substitute against the candidate.


Around forty people are taking part in the “antifa” rally this evening in front of the Puy-en-Velay prefecture.


In the second constituency of Haute-Loire, Jean-Pierre Vigier obtained 58.47% of the votes. He is thus ahead of the RN candidate Suzanne Fourets who obtained 41.50% of the votes.

The Chambon-sur-Lignon

In Chambon-sur-Lignon, one of only two communes to have placed the socialist candidate in the lead during the European elections a month ago, Laurent Wauquiez (LR) achieved a very high score during this second round, with 75,34 % votes cast against 24,66 % for Alexandre Heuzey (RN).


Haute-Loire is above the national participation rate (59.71% at 5 p.m.). One hour before the polls closed, the prefecture estimated that 64.64% of registered voters participated in the second round of the legislative elections.



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