Saint-Etienne France Guide |

Saint-Etienne France Guide |
Saint-Etienne France Guide |

Essential guide to Saint-Etienne France: Saint-Etienne is located in east-central France, in an area known as the Massif Central, in the Rhône-Alpes region. It is the capital of the Loire department and is approximately 50 km from Lyon.

In 2016, Saint-Etienne will be one of the host cities of the UEFA European Football Championship 2016™.

About Saint-Etienne

Saint-Etienne has always had a close relationship with industry and technology. A former mining town, it has a strong industrial history, a centre for the production of weapons, textiles and it is here that the first French bicycle manufacturing began over 100 years ago.

After mining ceased, the city reinvented itself as a centre of design excellence and this bold vision is evident throughout the city today. There are sculptures, murals, incredible modern buildings and one of the largest ensembles of buildings designed by Le Corbusier (a Swiss architect and pioneer of modern architecture) in Europe.

In 2010, Saint-Etienne was recognized by UNESCO as a “City of Design,” a recognition of its modern renaissance spirit and contemporary style. Bright yellow office buildings, murals on the walls, strange sculpted trees, and original artworks are found all over the city.

Although it is not located on the main tourist route, lovers of modern architecture and design will find plenty to see and do here. Not far away, the beautiful countryside offers the opportunity to get out of the city and explore and enjoy the rural splendors of this part of France.

What to do in Saint-Etienne

There are over a dozen museums, most based on the city’s omnipresent design theme. The Cité du Design, the Musée d’Art et d’Industrie, the Site Le Corbusier, Firminy are three of the best. A little more unusual are the Musée des Pompiers and the Musée des Verts, dedicated to the local football team. You’ll discover that the locals are crazy about football and that “Les Verts”, their team, have superstar status.

Fancy a break from city life? Head to the Gorges de la Loire for a boat trip, a swim or just relaxing in the beautiful countryside. Nearby is the 13th-century Chartreuse de century and is classified among the most beautiful villages in France.

Where to eat and drink in Saint-Etienne

The climate is pleasant in this part of France, with plenty of sunshine and long summers, which means that the terrace culture is thriving. Restaurants and bars are dotted throughout the city, but if you head to the Place Jean Jaurès and Rue de Martys de Vingré in the city centre, you will find a cluster of bars, restaurants and cafes in pleasant surroundings.

Travel by tram and bus, you can buy a city pass at the tourist office which covers you for transport and access to museums etc.

Where is the football stadium and fanzone in Saint-Etienne

The Fanzone will be located near the central train station. From there, you can take the tram to the Geoffroy-Guichard football stadium, locally nicknamed “Le Chaudron” because of the heat given off by the fans on match nights!

How to get to Saint Etienne

By train: The main train station, Saint-Etienne Châteaucreux, is located in the heart of the business district, about a 10-minute walk from the city centre. Direct TGV journeys to/from Saint-Etienne and Paris take just 2 hours and 45 minutes (4 return trips per day). Trains to Lyon take from 50 minutes (there are two stations in Lyon).

By plane: Lyon Saint-Exupéry International Airport

Website of the Saint-Etienne Tourist Office, address: 16 Avenue de la Libération, city center.



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