Tourist fee in the Magdalen Islands: will visitors pay? – Magdalen Islands Portal

Tourist fee in the Magdalen Islands: will visitors pay? – Magdalen Islands Portal
Tourist fee in the Magdalen Islands: will visitors pay? – Magdalen Islands Portal

Although paying the Archipelago Pass is optional this summer, some tourists still want to pay this controversial $30 tourist fee to preserve the territory and tourist infrastructure of the archipelago. However, this intention is not shared by all.

It is to participate in the protection of the banks that Nicole Séguin, a resident of Gatineau, chose to pay the tourist fee during her stay on the Islands, even if it is not obligatory.

I think $30 per person is really cheap, she believes. Here, you don’t pay for parking, everything is free, whereas in the city, everywhere, it’s two or three dollars an hour to park.

Tourist Suzanne Lacombe, from Saint-Donat, is also considering making a financial contribution to help the municipal administration.

Tourism is necessary for the Magdalen Islanders, but it is still a fairly heavy toll on infrastructure, water and waste.she says.

Although they want to pay the tourist fee, Suzanne Lacombe and her daughter Valérie Morissette deplore a lack of information on how to make the payment. PHOTO: RADIO-CANADA / ISABELLE LAROSE

Many tourists want to pay the fee but do not necessarily know that they must make the payment themselves on the website of the Municipality of the Magdalen Islands.

I would like to, but I find it complicated to know where and how to pay for it.says Montrealer Valérie Morissette. If there were posters in the shops to inform us, it would be more obvious, but right off the bat, I don’t know where to go to pay for it voluntarily.

I think I’ll pay her if I can find the counter where it can be done, but I haven’t seen anything.says Sylvain Lacombe, a tourist from Laval who was unaware of the existence of a virtual payment platform.

These tourists from Beauce, Éric Guénette and Suzanne Campeau, say they will not pay for the Archipel Pass since this measure is optional. PHOTO: RADIO-CANADA / ISABELLE LAROSE

On the other hand, other tourists indicate that they will not pay the fee.

I would pay it if it was obligatory, but since it is not obligatory, we will not pay it for nothing.says Suzanne Campeau, from Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague.

We prefer to spend more in stores than to pay a taxadds his son, Éric Guénette.

Sophie Giroux, a resident of Brome, in the Eastern Townships, will not pay the tourist fee. PHOTO: RADIO-CANADA / ISABELLE LAROSE

I think it’s a bit exaggerated, because we leave Quebec and we arrive in Quebec, and we would have to pay for a pass… I think it’s asking a bit too much when you’re already from Quebec.says Sophie Giroux, who lives in the Eastern Townships.

A review in the fall

The Municipality of the Magdalen Islands refuses to reveal during the summer the amounts collected thanks to this tourist fee. The final assessment will be made only in mid-October.

With the tourist fee, the Municipality of the Magdalen Islands hopes to generate additional revenue without increasing the tax burden on the Magdalen Islanders. (Archive photo) PHOTO: RADIO-CANADA / ISABELLE LAROSE

With a mandatory fee, the city administration estimated it could generate an additional $1 million in revenue, but expectations have been much lower since the measure became optional.

There is money coming into the coffers, but it will surely not be as much as was planned under a mandatory fee.

A quote from Antonin Valiquette, Mayor of the Magdalen Islands

While several tourists mention not knowing how to pay for the Archipel Pass, Antonin Valiquette explains that the Municipality’s late change of direction has harmed the promotional campaign surrounding this measure.

Making the Archipel Pass voluntary and having done it in May, we did not have time to change our minds about a marketing campaign that was going from a mandatory measure to an optional one and to refocus our promotional actions.he explains.

The promotion is not at the level that was originally expected. On the other hand, there are many people who have heard about it.he adds. What I hear on the ground is that there are still quite a few people who want to contribute, because they understand the objectives of the Archipelago Pass.

While the municipal administration initially estimated it could raise $1 million with a mandatory tourism fee, the mayor of the Magdalen Islands expects the amounts collected to be much lower due to the optional payment. PHOTO: RADIO-CANADA / ISABELLE LAROSE

In view of the controversy caused by the creation of the Archipel Pass, the mayor reiterates his intention to consult the population before changing the voluntary nature of this tourist fee.

At the same time, Antonin Valiquette added that discussions are continuing with Transport Canada. In May, the Municipality of the Magdalen Islands had still not received confirmation that a municipal agent could verify proof of payment of the airport land fee. This is one of the reasons why the Municipality decided to make the Archipel Pass optional.

HEADLINE: This couple who came from Mansfield, in Outaouais, to visit the Magdalen Islands archipelago have no intention of paying the Archipel Pass, an optional tourist fee of $30 per person. PHOTO: RADIO-CANADA / ISABELLE LAROSE

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