Through this competition near Dieppe, Chloé wants to address a health problem that is still little known.

Through this competition near Dieppe, Chloé wants to address a health problem that is still little known.
Through this competition near Dieppe, Chloé wants to address a health problem that is still little known.


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Jul 7, 2024 at 3:08 PM

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She will proudly represent the colours of her region and, what’s more, practically at home.

Born in Dieppe and living in Berneval-le-Grand (Seine-Maritime), Chloé Benoit, 20, will compete in November 2024 in the national final of Angel Beauty France 2025 competitionin Offranville.

The doors of beauty pageants opened to her when she organized a fashion show for the Schnellbach jewelry store, where she works part-time.

“The idea was to gain confidence physically and orally,” she explains. She heard about this competition during the Mademoiselle Normandie election in October 2023.

Although she did not receive any distinction this time, a member of the jury recommended that she take part in the election.

“It’s a competition that is not only based on beauty, it also takes into account motivation, the cause we defend and our performance on stage, eloquence, creativity,” lists Seinomarine.

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Addressing Eating Disorders

On January 6, the young woman won not one but two regional distinctions: a title of lady of honor, “which corresponds to the vote of the public and social networks,” she explains.

The second is the title of first runner-up. This title earns her a presence at the national final.

She will be alongside another Seine-Maritime woman to represent the region. In total, there will be 26 candidates in the competition.

During her regional performance, the young woman highlighted a health problem that is sometimes still little-known, but nevertheless very present: TCApour eating disorders.

During the Covid period, “I focused on doing sports and reduced my amount of foodbecause I didn’t like myself in the mirror,” she recalls.

She lost some weighta lot, until his parents became alerted to his situation and took him to a doctor.

Since then, “I have come out of it and I want to send a little message through these elections: all people who suffer from eating disorders can count on their family, their friends, a professional. If you need advice, there is always someone to talk to, you must not give up.”

Several parades planned

This speech is the cause she defends and wants to address. During the final, she will also have to perform a small choreography with the other candidates to introduce herself to the jury.

Chloé Benoit will also parade in city clothes to show her personality or in swimwear, in the outfit requested by the committee and finally in an evening dress.

How many people suffer from eating disorders in France?

Around one million people are affected by eating disorders in France. Among them, 50% are not monitored or suffer from difficulty in diagnosis. It is also worth noting that eating disorders are the second leading cause of premature death among young people aged 15 to 24.
Bulimia nervosa affects approximately 1.2% to 1.5% of the population, 70% of whom are women, and binge eating disorder affects approximately 3% to 5% of the population, with almost 50% of men and 50% of women affected. Anorexia, which affects approximately 85% of women, concerns 0.5% to 1% of the population.

A few months before the big day, Chloé also has to complete challenges on social networks: share three photos with a particular color, “to show your creativity and what you can do.”

She will also have to find prizes and sell tickets for a raffle organized for the event.

Regarding the election, she is aiming for one of the six titles at stake, but above all she intends to get her message across above all.

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