Patrick Audevard is exhibiting until September 28 at Lachaniette in Limoges

Patrick Audevard is exhibiting until September 28 at Lachaniette in Limoges
Patrick Audevard is exhibiting until September 28 at Lachaniette in Limoges

Originally from Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche, Patrick Audevard is exhibiting until September 28 at Thierry Lachaniette in Limoges. This designer who has made porcelain his material of choice is a star in his specialty.

Patrick Audevard is discreet. But in the porcelain world, this artist is both respectable and respected. “His technique, accomplished and sophisticated, is fueled by his know-how, and by the immensity of his artistic knowledge”, underlines Thierry Lachaniette who, himself, is also a reference in the world of kaolin.

Visible until September 28 in the gallery of the Lachaniette store, located at 27 boulevard Louis-Blanc, the exhibition is a retrospective. It highlights their twenty-five years of collaboration.

An accomplished artist

Born in Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche, the birthplace of Limoges porcelain, Patrick Audevard has collaborated with the greatest artists. In 1974, he joined the Émile-Labussière technical high school, then, after his studies, joined the École supérieure des Arts décoratifs de Limoges.
Then, he launched into working life and obtained his first contract at La Seynie, a historic factory built by Jean-Baptiste du Garreau de la Seynie, in Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche in 1774. Patrick Audevard founded the Atelier du tulipier there where he developed his own firing methods, where he worked mainly on color.

He was spotted by the biggest names. David Lynch entrusted him with the creation of a piece, designed by him, and he created, as part of an exhibition organized by the Cartier Foundation, a cup called expresso-kit.
Designers also call upon his skills.

At the same time, Patrick Audevard returned in 2008 and until 2021 to the Beaux-Arts de Limoges where he taught students the different techniques of cooking at very high temperatures.

For his part, he created a certain number of decorations. He divided his time between La Fabrique in Saint-Junien to carry out his research. There, the oven went up to 1,260 °C and even reached 1,400 °C.


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Adding color to a porcelain surface

“I am interested in the art of putting color on a porcelain surface,” he confides.

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To achieve his goals, Audevard uses the means. He makes brushes and even suitable felt-tip pens. To apply the colours, he sprays them, or uses the stamping technique and even goes so far as to burn rags. “I don’t forbid myself anything,” he says, amused. This freedom of gesture, this fertile imagination fascinates Thierry Lachaniette.

A student of Prolongeau and Roch Popellier, he regularly travels to Japan to broaden his knowledge. “I have made 21 trips. I have discovered other processes, such as suminagashi, a Japanese paper marbling technique that I have now mastered,” he concludes.

Famous in the land of the rising sun, where he stays for a month every year, Patrick Audevard is still not jaded. His conversations with porcelain are not about to stop.

Until September 28, 27 bd Louis-Blanc in Limoges in the showroom of the Lachaniette boutique.

Jean-François Julien



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