LIVE. Tour de France 2024: the peloton does not let the breakaway go as it approaches the white paths! Follow the 9th stage Troyes-Troyes

LIVE. Tour de France 2024: the peloton does not let the breakaway go as it approaches the white paths! Follow the 9th stage Troyes-Troyes
LIVE. Tour de France 2024: the peloton does not let the breakaway go as it approaches the white paths! Follow the 9th stage Troyes-Troyes

A classic air on the roads of the Tour. It is a “small Strade Bianche” that awaits the riders according to the organizers. 199 km of rough roads that should put the peloton on maximum alert. The teams of the leaders will have a key role to play in the event of a puncture or failure. This 9th stage could well mark this edition of the Tour de France.

155 km On anticipe

Some people want to be one step ahead before the first path. Lutsenko is in the front in particular.

158 km General grouping

The two groups merge. Everything will surely accelerate in the first sector, which will be followed by the first difficulty of the day, the Bergères hill. 1.7 km at 5.2%.

161 km A border

A big acceleration and a side wind precipitated this break in the peloton. The two groups are separated by only a few seconds.

163 km There’s a breakdown in the peloton!

A large group has broken away at the front of the peloton, notably with Tom Pidcock. World champion Van der Poel is making an effort to join up.

164 km We are approaching the first path

In 13 km, the peloton will enter the first of 14 white paths on the program today.

167 km 53km/h average

It’s off to a great start at the start of the stage. The peloton isn’t taking its foot off the gas.

170 km The gap is closing

Only 10 seconds left for the 5 leading men, still chased by a peloton unwilling to let them go.

173 km Van der Poel’s day?

The world champion is back on favorable ground today. The cyclocross specialist will be able to show off his qualities on the stony paths.

177 km The leaders’ teams are safe

The day will be long for these teams and we will let the others work at the start of this stage.

180 km Relays in the peloton

We don’t want to let the leading group go and miss out on the best move of the day. Everyone is riding but we don’t hear each other.

183 km 15 seconds ahead

The gap stabilizes with the small leading group. No one manages to make the jump from the peloton.

186 km From the voltage

Everyone wants to make their place at the start of this stage. The first positions in the peloton will be expensive today.

189 km A small group at the front

Romain Grégoire and Paul Lapeira are in this group of 5. They have a 10 second lead over the peloton.

191 km The white paths are scary

The first sector is located at the 47th km. Placement will be essential at each path entrance.

193 km The control platoon

Bissegger has been caught at the head of the pack. The good move has not yet started.

195 km Stefan Bissegger pushes the envelope

The Swiss from the EF team does not let go at the front. Nobody manages to make the connection.

197 km The weighted jersey tries its luck

Norwegian Abrahamsen is still at the front at the start of the stage. A few men are trying to get away.

199 km The real start is given!

Lots of waiting and questions as we attack the white paths, here we go for the 9th stage of the Tour de France.

1:25 p.m. A third French victory?

After Romain Bardet and Kevin Vauquelin at the start of the Tour, the French are arriving ambitiously on these white paths. They will have to be strong to tame the dust and stones. Why not see a Valentin Madouas or an Anthony Turgis raise their arms in Troyes?

1:21 p.m. The calm before the storm

On the eve of the first rest day, the riders will set off on an unpredictable stage. This day could leave its mark, physically and mentally in the event of a failure.

1:17 p.m. The fictitious start is given

The runners will cross Troyes for 7.8 km before the actual start.

1:15 p.m. Tribute to André Drege

The peloton gathered to pay tribute to the Norwegian who died yesterday on the Tour of Austria, he was 25 years old.

1:12 p.m. Vingegaard in the unknown

The only rider among the favourites who was not able to reconnoiter today’s stage, the Dane is advancing without much certainty. However, he will be able to count on a very solid team around him, including Wout van Aert and Christophe Laporte.

1:08 p.m. Pogacar on favorable ground

Double winner of the Strade Bianche, the Slovenian has already shown that he is comfortable on this type of profile. The only fear may lie in the ability or not of his team to surround him well in the event of a puncture or bad luck. The yellow jersey could also decide to dynamite the race.

1:05 p.m. A classic tune

For the first time in history, the peloton will take the white paths of Champagne. Stony tracks that could hold some surprises, and put the riders under tension.

1 p.m. Hello everyone!

Welcome to this live broadcast where you can follow the 9th stage of the Tour de France!



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