The Alexis Flips track is not very exciting

The Alexis Flips track is not very exciting
The Alexis Flips track is not very exciting

On Saturday, we revealed to you that Racing Club de Lens was paying attention to Alexis Flips’ case. A former player of Will Still at Reims, the player is currently under contract at Anderlecht.

Through our daily survey, we asked you on Saturday What did you think of Alexis Flips’ track? For a large part of you, you are divided. As proof, here is the result of your votes:

You are divided: 44.95%
This is not a good track, just for a question of profile/level: 27.96%
This would be a good reinforcement: 18.06%
This is a track that I reject just for its Lille past: 9.03%

What to remember from the match against Kortrijk?

Photo RC Lens

This Sunday, let’s look back at RC Lens’ victory against Courtrai. What do you remember from this meeting? The six goals for Lens? Will Still seems to be keeping the 3-5-3 system? The appearance of Spierings? The use of young players (Ganiou, Lenne, Sagnan, Sishuba)? A first victory for Will Still?

If you would like to participate in our survey, you can find this one below our news feed on the right of the home page. However, if you would like to discuss this topic, you can leave a comment below by creating an account.



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