Paris: A man throws his two children out of the window and commits suicide

Paris: A man throws his two children out of the window and commits suicide
Paris: A man throws his two children out of the window and commits suicide

A family dispute

According to the initial information gathered, relayed by police sources, the man’s actions probably occurred following an argument with his partner.

The Paris prosecutor’s office could not be reached to provide information on the victims and the circumstances of the tragedy.

The events occurred around 8:30 p.m., according to the source close to the case.

Residents shocked

On site, not far from the Porte de Vanves in the south of the capital, the police have established a large security perimeter to allow only local residents to pass. A medical-psychological emergency unit (CUMP) has been activated.

“It’s shocking, many of us are going to be shocked,” commented a resident who identified herself as a resident of the ten-story building where the family lives.

A white tent was set up at the foot of the building, and police moved a body wrapped in a tarpaulin of the same color.

“We heard noises, screams”

Two witnesses said that the two children had fallen onto a lawn on the esplanade of this large residence, which includes social housing. According to one of them, children were playing there at the time of the tragedy.

A video capturing part of the scene was shot from one of the many surrounding windows.

“We heard noises, screams,” said Sophie (she did not give her name), a restaurateur who lives in a tower block nearby.

“At that moment you see someone lying on the ground on the asphalt, a child on the ground, the second one over there,” she continues, pointing to the scene. “It’s surreal.”

The father, a “smiling man” for his neighbors

According to a neighbor on the sixth floor of the building, who did not give her name, the family had moved there “barely a year ago.”

The man “was always smiling, he put his little girl on his back, we saw each other in the park, we said hello,” confides this 19-year-old woman.

She says she never “heard anything” about the possible arguments between the couple. “That’s what’s shocking: we saw him smiling, but we didn’t know that behind his smiles, he was hiding something like that,” she says.



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